NWN Wireless Health Check (Paid Assessment)

Mobility has become “the go to” standard for enterprise connectivity today. As more and more devices are connecting to the wireless networks, customers are facing increased pressure to ensure the availability and performance of the network is enterprise grade. Many WLAN infrastructures that were built for “best effort” connectivity are significantly under-performing today with the increased number of end user devices and in some cases completely failing. Overtime, it’s important to reassess your current WLAN infrastructure capacity and scalability.

NWN’s WLAN Health Check provides:

  • Validation for your WLAN infrastructure reviewing the robustness and availability of environment
  • A look into your available bandwidth to analyze your environmentfor its ability to support future growth including the proliferation of mobile devices
  • Identification of sources of RF interferences and rogue devices to determine impact on wireless performance
  • A Review of authentication and encryption to look for gaps in proper implementation and data security procedures.
  • Determination if additional RF testing analysis is required to achieve optimal performance (separate work effort)

Wireless Health Check Benefits

  • Review Cisco Wireless Infrastructure code versions for compatibility and stability based on current Cisco recommended best practices
  • Ensure WLAN is optimally configured for secure mobile access and if remediation is required make recommendations for additional security measures that can be implemented
  • Reduce deployment costs and delays by determining readiness of your environment

Features of Cisco Wireless LAN Health Check

  • NWN will hold an initial planning session to review your design requirements, confirm your defined wireless area and understand your objectives.
  • NWN will then perform our wireless health check including a review of Cisco WLAN infrastructure and a complete analysis of Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) configurations.

Deliverables of Cisco Wireless LAN Health Check

  • NWN will provide you with a copy of the wireless health check results including WLC interfaces and uplinks, security configurations, and wireless/RF configurations.
  • NWN will meet with your organization to review findings and provide recommendations based on our health check.

Why NWN?

NWN is one of Cisco’s top partners in the country. Our focus on Cisco technology ensures that we have the most up-to-date training and a high level of experience implementing Cisco wireless infrastructure.

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