NWN Welcomes the Year of the Falcon!

Every year at NWN’s annual Kickoff meeting, our CEO, Mont Phelps, chooses a new mascot. The mascot unveiling has become a much-anticipated event for NWN employees because it’s a fun reminder of our collective goal.

Last year we had Bill, the Cheetah, who is the fastest land animal and extremely efficient in conquering its predators. The Cheetah was the perfect representation of our start on the road to a billion.

We’re excited to share that 2015 will be the year of the Falcon. Here’s why Mont chose the Falcon.

First, the Falcon is the fastest animal on earth, and NWN will strive to be faster and better than ever before.

Second, the Falcon is extremely focused, as we will be on achieving our goals and reaching new levels of growth this year.

Last, the Falcon drives and accelerates in the clouds, and that is exactly what NWN wants to do this year.  NWN welcomes the year of the Falcon, and it will be our best year yet, as we continue on our road to a billion.

Bill, 2014's mascot!

Bill, 2014’s mascot!

Rob, 2015's mascot!

Rob, 2015’s mascot!