NWN SVP Ken Brower Receives Prestigious Buck Mickel Leadership Award

Ken Brower leads where he lives. Yesterday, his city, Greenville, South Carolina, awarded its prestigious Buck Mickel Leadership award to Ken and seven other entrepreneurs. As members of a community team they called NEXT, Ken and his colleagues worked tirelessly for years to help create a vibrant business and social environment that makes Greenville the go-to city it is today.  “I am deeply honored by this award,” Ken Brower said.  “There is nothing more gratifying than walking through town any evening and experiencing the energy of Greenville. I am glad NEXT was able to play a small part in the city’s success.”

“Ken is a successful entrepreneur and a superb leader within NWN,” says Jane Linder, principal and NWN EVP.  “Of course he would play a strong leadership role in his community as well. That’s the kind of individual he is.”

Ken has led NWN’s Applications and Data Services team through more than two decades of success in providing customers with analytics, enterprise mobility, custom applications and systems integration. He has a big fan club among his customers, business partners, and NWN employees.

About NEXT

In 2005, business leader and economic development street preacher John Warner convened a rather eclectic group of folks from around South Carolina at a Courtyard hotel in Charleston to discuss new strategies for improving the state’s economy. After hearing an inspiring update about the Charleston Digital Corridor, entrepreneur Jeff Papenfus scrawled on a paper napkin, “Why aren’t we doing this in Greenville?”

It was at that seminal moment that a group of Greenville entrepreneurs and community leaders began to coalesce into an effort that would soon become NEXT.

From its earliest days, the goal of NEXT has been to provide the support entrepreneurs require to build strong, successful, globally-competitive businesses.

We cater to risk takers and pioneers, because we believe that innovative small companies are critical to true economic development. We are also passionate about creating an ecosystem in the Upstate where such ventures can thrive and that generates high-quality jobs plus and “wealth through ownership”—serving generations to come.