NWN Corporation Wins “Print and Multi-Functional” Devices Contract in California.

Waltham, Massachusetts, September 20, 2016, NWN (formerly known as Western Blue) announced today that they have partnered with Hewlett Packard Inc. to win “print and multi-functional” devices contracts in California. The Department of General Services (DGS) awarded the new printer contract on September 1, 2016. The Print and Multi-Functional Device contract includes Personal Desktop Printers, Office Printers, Multi-Functional Devices, Print Solutions and Delivery & Logistics, “green” recycling Services for the next three to five years. Hewlett Packard Inc. and NWN worked together to develop a program that focused on cost-savings and energy-efficient features. The contract is a mandatory printer and MFD for State Agencies and is available to all local governments, and special districts throughout California.

“At NWN our mission is to help our customers solve business problems through technology, we have a 28 year history with meeting and exceeding the State of California’s standards for technical, service and small business related issues”, said Joel Grein, Sr. Vice President of Sales, West. “NWN’s reputation and long history of accomplishments and success, we have once again been awarded a long term contract to service our largest State of California customers. Combined with our long-standing relationship with HPI we will help solve not only business problems for the State of California, but economic and environmental issues as well”.