AWS Integrated Hybrid Cloud Data Center Solution

NWN has been working diligently on the NWN AWS solution for our customers. After many hours of strategy discussions, development work, and detailed documentation, the Converged Infrastructure business unit is proud to announce that NWN has a ‘complete’ offering around AWS! The NWN AWS ‘complete’ offering means that the sales team and solution architects can design/sell AWS, the NPro team can deploy AWS, and the NCare team can monitor/manage AWS. NWN is actually already doing this for customers today!

When a customer combines the NWN AWS solution with their traditional data center private cloud solution, NWN is able to deliver a ‘true’ hybrid cloud data center solution. Customers recognize that cloud is no longer an either/or question between public and private clouds. Customers today want to be able to choose between public or private clouds for each application, based on business need. NWN can now deliver an integrated hybrid cloud data center solution, which includes NPro and NCare services for both private and public cloud portions of the overall data center solution.

Very few AWS resellers can do what NWN can do today. The NWN differentiators include:

  1. NCare managed services for AWS.
  2. NCare cost monitoring and management for AWS.
  3. Knowledge of on-premise data centers (private cloud) and public cloud (AWS) and the integration of these into a true hybrid cloud data center solution.
  4. Long-term knowledge and experience of key data center functions and services like backups, security, virtualization.
  5. A deep bench of networking experts that can help with secure reliable connectivity to AWS.

Many AWS partners were “born in the cloud” without strong on-premise data center experience. Of those with on-premise data center experience, very few offer AWS managed services. Even though NWN is new to AWS, NWN has joined a very small number of partners able to provide hybrid cloud solutions with AWS and managed services combined.

NWN can also help customers that want to move to a hybrid cloud solution but don’t know how to get there. Through assessments and consulting offerings, NWN can help customers develop a strategy, build a plan and execute on that plan to move from a traditional private cloud data center into a hybrid cloud data center.

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