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Network Solutions

By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second, for every human being on the planet. Keeping up with all this data requires robust networks that are fast, secure, and flexible. That’s a huge undertaking for the average company.

Networks must accommodate variable traffic patterns, Big Data, increased virtualization and cloud services, as well as BYOD. NWN offers next-generation network infrastructure solutions that take the headaches out of network oversight with adaptable enterprise-wide networking and single-pane management to support mission-critical applications. We take network technology to the leading edge with single-pane management you can automate with software-defined access, next generation LAN, SD-WAN, and mobile device management solutions that grow as you grow.


Is your organization keeping up with today’s technology challenges? Chances are good your network may need an overhaul. Traditional architectures and hardware with multiple switches, routers, and hardware can’t keep up with today’s demands.

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Next-Generation Network Challenges and Opportunities


CHALLENGES: Today’s network administrators have leaner budgets and rising demands for real-time, seamless connectivity across multiple platforms and devices to both private and public clouds. They often have outdated architectures that are static and difficult – if not impossible – to manage. Network solutions must be robust, economical, and secure. The best case scenario is to have intelligent, automated, and scalable solutions. To do that you need something that is secure, intuitive, and adaptable.

SOLUTIONS: Secure end-to-end network management requires a converged infrastructure and a partner like NWN. We tailor solutions from top manufacturers, like Cisco and HPE, to give you the best network solutions for new media applications, interactivity, and mobility. NWN offers Next Generation routing and switching, LAN/WAN, wireless, and management suites tailored to your needs.

NWN takes the worry out of network security and oversight with single-pane management that securely supports mission-critical initiatives. With our team taking on the administrative duties that come with a new implementation, your team can focus on strategic business initiatives. NWN offers a full suite of managed care services, including:

  • Security
  • Network
  • Software-defined LAN and WAN
  • Wireless
  • Data Infrastructure

NWN’S U.S.-based NOC (Network Operations Center) provides 24x7x365 support, monitoring, and maintenance of your IT environment. Our team truly becomes an extension of your team and is always on call, ready to troubleshoot and resolve critical system issues.

Hackers can easily exploit vulnerabilities brought about by the endless numbers of end user computing (EUC) devices. The growth of IoT and borderless networks are creating more penetration gaps for attackers to compromise your network.

It is essential to mitigate threats before they reach your network. NWN knows how to identify and stop EUC incursions with solutions that prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats. We help you gain visibility, control, and retrospective analysis for active threats that impact endpoints.

Learn more about how you can take simple steps to improve your endpoint security in our eBook. In it we explain the three golden rules of endpoint security.

Software-Defined Network LAN Access is a faster way to provide secure, automated network access to any user or device for any application across your network. It brings a secure perspective to onboarding and is a must-have in today’s constantly changing network environment. With NWN you can:

  • Securely automate user access policies with a single network fabric across LAN and WLAN for optimal user experiences
  • Consistently manage wired and wireless network provisioning and policies
  • Automate network segmentation and group-based policies
  • Obtain contextual insights for quick issue resolution

SD-Access is the smarter way to handle user access. Learn how it can streamline your network.

Mobile strategies are essential in today’s network enterprise. That’s why Wireless LAN networking is so important and NWN offers secure, robust, and automated products.

These solutions help you securely offer wireless users seamless performance and convenience from any device – anywhere on your network – without compromising security. With Wireless LAN Networking from NWN, you get single portal management that features:

  • Automation
  • Simplified deployment
  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Enhanced Network Security and Compliance
  • Quick Response to Attacks
  • Tracking and quarantining
  • Role-based access
  • Network predictability

Software-Defined or SD-WAN combines the best components of physical and virtual network infrastructures. It doesn’t rely on traditional network rules which are difficult to alter. The network is controlled and automated by a separate software application providing a single pane of management for the entire WAN. This guarantees a WAN that is flexible, optimized, agile – and ready for tomorrow. NWN offers SD-WAN solutions that optimize path selection, redundancy, data usage, management, and transport capacity while reducing WAN costs by 50 percent or more.

Gain seamless network integration and segmentation for applications of on-premise or cloud workloads along with comprehensive security over hybrid links and segmentation for IoT partner networks or BYOD deployments.

Learn more about the benefits of SD-WAN.

Optimization of your Wide Area Network just makes good sense today. When you partner with NWN, your WAN optimization can achieve a 66% cost reduction over five years for a MPLS to Hybrid WAN Migration. This can result in a 30% increase in traffic growth. Our solutions help you augment traditional MPLS and dynamically select the most cost-effective path for your applications and data, saving you money. SD-WAN optimization gives you more control with more options. You get:

  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized bandwidth
  • Seamless user experience
  • Integrated cloud-based or on-premise security
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Transport independence
  • Endpoint flexibility
  • Real-time application optimization

The network of tomorrow is a network with no borders that securely accommodates all aspects of your business and user growth. Our network optimization services can help you achieve this kind of business architecture with end-to-end services for optimal transparency, security, and network agility. Our next generation solutions for borderless networks provide superior multimedia collaboration, control of wired and wireless networks, mobility and application management.

Solutions that help you:

  • Identify gaps
  • Optimize performance
  • Improve network visibility
  • Maximize response times

Services that assist with:

  • Change management
  • Hardware strategies
  • Software strategies
  • Network management

A network assessment will help you determine if your network architecture is out of date and costing you money. NWN thoroughly analyzes your infrastructure and highlights areas of concern, often saving you as much as 30% on hardware costs.

Our highly-skilled engineers will:

  • Analyze servers, routers, switches, and bandwidth performance
  • Measure network performance for jitter, latency, and loss
  • Perform a WAN analysis with WAN, VOIP, and video testing
  • Evaluate network infrastructure against user demands
  • Provide recommendations for technology upgrades and/or maintenance