Wireless Site Survey

If you are looking to optimize your wireless environment due to an increase in wireless devices or overhaul your network all together, NWN can help. Many organizations are finding that the technology deployed even a few years ago is not meeting the demands of today’s mobile users. Today’s advanced wireless and network technology can help organizations meet the increased bandwidth demands.

A wireless site survey is very important for planning and implementation of both optimization and new wireless site design. NWN works with our customers to assess the Radio Frequency (RF) behavior in a specific environment so we can map and deploy an optimal network for your specific needs.

Benefits of Wireless Site Survey

  • Get accurate information for access point location and allocation throughout your environment.
  • Identify sources of interference and make sure your design provides work arounds for these areas
  • Discover, and locate, rogue access points to eliminate security issues in your infrastructure.
  • Plan for outdoor coverage or additional buildings when needed.
  • Uncover current gaps in existing wireless deployments.

Why NWN?

NWN has been designing and implementing wired and wireless networks for over 20 years. Our skilled engineers and project managers hold the highest certifications possible so we can assure our customers that the survey we provide is accurate. In addition, we have close relationships with top manufacturers so we are apprised of the latest technology advancements. We will take our time and provide an accurate picture of your environment, including any possible issues that we see so we can design the best solution for you.

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