NWN Network Assessment

  • What if there was a sure-fire way to plan for the future of your IT  Infrastructure?
  • What if you could save up to 30% on hardware?

NWN can assess your infrastructure thoroughly and highlight areas of concern.  At the completion of the assessment we invite you to join our experts in a workshop to review the results in detail and discuss solutions.

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NWN Network Assessment Features and Reports

The NWN Network Assessment is a holistic, vendor-neutral analysis of the entire network infrastructure. It provides unparalleled documentation across the environment that helps IT leaders take action and plan for change.

  • Install

    • approximately 15 minutes, 7-day evaluation, RISC network assessment technology scores.monitor and run report.
  • Complete Inventory of:
    • Routers, Switches and Servers
    • Lifecycle analysis for Network equipment AND Servers
  • Performance Analysis
    • Windows Servers
    • Routers and Switches (Bandwidth, etc)How does a network assessment effect an IT score?
  • Benchmarking for CIO’s
    • How you compare to other companies?
  • WAN, VoIP, and Video Testing
    • TrafficSim allows you to measure the
      performance of the network for Jitter, Latency, and Loss
    • Helps end finger pointing for WAN issues
  • Traffic Analysis
    • Top Talkers
    • Cloud Dependency Mapping

Common scenarios – Network Assessment

There are several reasons why you might not know exactly what equipment you have in your environment:

  • Inherited the environment from a predecessor and do not trust the accuracy of their records
  • The company has grown through acquisition and executives either do not know or do not trust the information they have about companies that were acquired.

The company needs justification to move forward with remediation or new equipment

  • Many times management will continually ask IT (especially the networking team) to “limp along” with aged equipment
  • It’s the old adage – “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” especially with networking – because it’s largely invisible to the lines of business
  • The NWN Network Assessment gives the IT staff ammunition about things going on in the environment as well as the status of every piece of equipment with regard to supportability.
  • At SMARTnet renewal time it’s important to validate what actually is active and needs to be covered


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