NWN VMware Health Check (Paid Assessment)

You’ve made a significant investment to virtualize your business technology infrastructure and applications, let an NWN expert help you realize the most from your investment.

An NWN VMware® Certified Professional (VCP) consultant will work with your team to understand your environment and provide guidance on the current best practices for configuring and managing your VMware vSphere™ infrastructure. Working together with your team, we will review your VMware vSphere environment and vCenter configurations and provide concrete, actionable recommendations to optimize your virtual infrastructure environment and operations.

Benefits of VMware Health Check

Experience the advantage of having a skilled consultant reviewing your VMware technology. NWN will assign a certified engineer to evaluate your existing VMware vSphere inventory, infrastructure, and performance against current vSphere best practices and identify potential areas for improvement . NWN’s VMware experts will leverage a library of VMware and industry best practices to deliver a road-map for future improvements and operational enhancements for keeping your environment optimized.

Deliverables of VMware Health Check

At the end of this engagement you will be provided with a report of inventory and measurement data from your VMware environment (up to six ESXi™ 4/5/6 hosts) and recommendations based on the health check. These detailed findings will provide you with opportunities to optimize configurations and operations to improve performance, availability, and return on investment from your VMware infrastructure. Finally, we will provide an interactive workshop for up to four of your IT staff to facilitate understanding of the health check outcome for your environment and knowledge transfer on VMware vSphere best practices. .

Why NWN?

A robust, flexible IT infrastructure is the critical core of successful business operations. NWN helps you optimize, integrate, and automate your IT environment for greater flexibility, scalability, reliability, and visibility.

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