VSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA Assessment)

A VSphere Assessment can Answer These Questions

  • Can my environment handle desktop virtualization as is?
  • Should I simply just virtualize applications for ease of Access?
  • Am I a good candidate for desktop virtualization?
  • How should I license my environment for maximum savings?

The VOA Assessment


The VSphere Assessment is a best practice health check that shows you how to solve IT problems with Operations Manager.

This visibility will allow you to proactively ensure service levels, optimize resource usage, and proactively manage their dynamic virtual and cloud environments. Instead of reacting to problems, they are able to solve them before they happen.Vsphere Efficiency

Getting Started

Installation, which can be done remotely, requires approximately 30 minutes, and is followed by a 30-day evaluation and monitoring period.

Intelligent Operational Dashboard

  • Immediate Problems
  • Future Problems
  • Opportunities to Optimize

Analyze and Monitor and Plan Capacity Utilization 

  • Look at capacity shortfallsVsphere Stress
  • Cut time to problem resolution by 26%
  • Spot over-provisioned VMs and cut IT admin costs
  • Save up to 30% on  hardware by increasing capacity utilization

Forecast Capacity

  • Capacity state today
  • VM Count Capacity
  • Actual VM’s Deployed
  • Current capacity crossover point
  • New capacity if I should add 10 VM’s

Common Scenarios 

You are not sure if your virtualization environment is fine-tuned for optimal performance. VM sprawl (rapid growth) is a VERY common occurrence.

  • IT organizations need to be prepared and understand how their current environment (as configured) is capable of growing.
  • This could lead to additional networking needs (10Gb+ speeds) or a more advanced server platform (Cisco UCS or HP C7000).


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