The right mix of technologies and the operational management capabilities
to keep your company safe.

Security Simplified

There are more than 4000 cyber attacks every day. Organizations need to move quickly to not only meet legal security standards, but also to protect customers. Traditional security solutions deploy multiple independent point products to provide a layered security approach, but the lack of integration among the rest of your IT stack often prevents truly effective security capabilities. The NWN Security Solution consists of components that share security context and make security decisions more intelligent and effective. Our solution delivers a comprehensive security architecture that mitigates manual effort and provides you with rich context for reporting and incident management.

Assess and Manage Your Cybersecurity Risk with Our

Assigned Customer Delivery
Manager and Security
System Engineers

Framework Compliance
Lead Solution Development

Vulnerability Management
and Device Patching

Ticket Enrichment and Context

Multiple Tools for
Incident Investigation

Advanced Analytics
and Reporting

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NWN helps you understand the scope of a security incident (size of impact, resources impacted, value of impacted resources) so you can respond effectively and efficiently. Our security metrics and analytics arm you with key insights your customers need to understand the nature of a given risk along with the appropriate resources to respond effectively and efficiently to any security incident. Learn more.

We had limited visibility into our network thanks to an influx of IoT devices joining our network. NWN helped us design and deliver a secure solution across our 7 largest hospitals. Now, we’re able to see what devices are entering our network and meet new regulatory standards and requirements.

Major Healthcare Provider

With NWN we were able to deploy an end-to-end solution to protect ourselves from increasing security attacks. They are the 12th man on our security team.

Prestigious University

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