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You bring your special sauce every day because that’s where value lies. You tune and tailor your critical processes to deliver like no one else. That’s why you’re successful.

With NWN’s Applications and Data Services team, you don’t have to bet your job to get the systems and analytics you rely on. We’ll help you get just what you need. No drama. Built to last. You can stand out because we’ll stand behind you.


Visionary IT Leadership Builds Flexible Operating Platform That Also Saved $25 Million

Ten years ago, South Carolina’s Probation, Parole, and Pardons Services oversaw offenders with systems that were effective but inflexible. IT leadership could see that big legislative changes were coming and worked with NWN to rebuild the agency’s core applications to make them flexible, responsive, secure, mobile, and cloud-ready. Through unyielding commitment to their vision, they implemented a set of systems that saved the state’s taxpayers $25 million dollars—so far–and readied them for whatever the next administration might bring.



Hungry Regional Bank Moves Customer Insight to the Forefront

You Post-acquisition challenges notwithstanding, this regional bank’s IT leadership team recognized it needed to keep customers top of mind. While one team was working with NWN Infrastructure to consolidate data centers and line of business systems, another was working with NWN Applications and Data Services to pull all the bank’s customer-related information into an insight-ready analytics architecture. The result? Comprehensive customer and household visibility at bankers’ fingertips to support double-digit, profitable growth.

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Evolving Analytics in Banking


Case Study:
Regional Bank



Explore NWN’s Data Services Ease Education, State and Local Government Woes

Kristina Perez, Director of Community Programs for Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, threw down her binder in frustration. After years of making do with a child care system to manage hundreds of programs for thousands of school-age children, she decided to work with NWN to get the right tool for her job. Her cloud-based Community Programs solution makes it easy for parents to sign their children up and for faculty and staff to manage and deliver a wide array of enriching and engaging experiences for the students. In the process of getting exactly what she envisioned, Kristina saved the local taxpayers enough to pay back the original investment in operational efficiencies.