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The New NWN Corporation Launches With Five New Cloud-Scale Integrated Solutions Under New Experience Management Platform

September 24, 2019

NWN Corporation, a leader in delivering secure innovation adoption at scale, today launched a new “solution-as-a-service” portfolio of integrated, cloud-scale solutions to serve the evolving needs of its customers and their customers across commercial, enterprise and public sector organizations. The new solutions are enabled by NWN technology and reinforced by NWN’s new Experience Management Platform and a vibrant new brand identity. 

With 1,300 customers throughout the U.S., NWN has been a leading provider of technology-enabled managed IT services for more than two decades. NWN’s broad range of technologies and capabilities enables the company to address a $70 billion market as organizations of all sizes undergo digital transformation initiatives incorporating public, hybrid and private cloud environments. 

A recent Forrester study found that the #1 driver for IT to accelerate digital transformation is improving both the employee and the customer experience. Under the leadership of CEO Jim Sullivan, who joined NWN in May, the new NWN has made significant advances to focus its mission on innovation adoption and managed services and align more closely with the rapidly evolving needs of its current and future customers — and their customers’ digital experience. 

Today’s announcement includes: 

  • Five new integrated, cloud-scale solution offerings demonstrating NWN’s commitment to deliver a unified customer experience across some of today’s most critical areas—Unified Communications (UCaaS), Security, Contact Center, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), and Advanced Technology Solutions. Each is enabled by both NWN’s own intellectual property and the most advanced technologies from NWN’s partners
  • An all-new NWN Experience Management Platform (EMP) that provides an interactive communication, business intelligence and analytics platform with a unified view into the customer’s environment — from core to cloud — offering powerful reporting and dashboards covering service desk, cyber-response (detection and remediation), utilization and adoption, infrastructure management and monitoring, and SLAs (service-level agreements)
  • A clean, modern new brand identity with a new tagline, “Innovation Delivered,” providing a fresh NWN face to the world on an entirely new website at www.nwnit.com

Jim Sullivan, NWN Chief Executive Officer, said, “The new NWN is built on a strong foundation of great customers, the most innovative partners, our own proprietary technology, and hundreds of dedicated employees, working together to create a consistently excellent experience. In the few months since we began to sharpen our focus and redefine our mission, we have seen strong acceleration of our growth and validation from our customers.”

Sullivan continued, “The pace of innovation is providing today’s organizations with unprecedented opportunities to grow and bring new and improved services to their customers and constituents by transforming their digital experiences. It also brings tremendous challenges that are straining many organizations. Customers need integrated platforms to maximize the impact of all this innovation, and NWN has never been more prepared than we are today to provide the technologies, the integration and managed and professional services to make our customers — and their customers — successful.”



“Our technology mission is really about enhancing the lives of the people in our community, from public works to utilities to finance and beyond. We had to change the skill sets of the whole organization while balancing the day-to-day operations. NWN has been the best partner because it really is a partnership. They are supporting our deployments, networking environment, voice environment and equipment which has resulted in better services to our citizens and an improved customer experience across the board. We think about this in terms of small-impact changes, the technology is actually seamless and you don’t see it at all. They are an extension of our team. With NWN, we’re ready for the future.” 

— Nicole Raimundo, CIO, Town of Cary, N.C., America’s second-largest town  

"We pride ourselves on 99.9% network uptime. My team doesn't spend a lot of time on our network environment because it runs so well. NWN brought experts to the table from the beginning, people who were knowledgeable, who understood our networking environment as well as what we do and how we do it. Even when our team was fully on board, NWN didn't disappear. Each month an NWN expert reviews the network report with us to make sure we are not missing anything and to make proactive suggestions for our environment. Overall I have peace of mind knowing we have the talent to back us up. I am confident that, together, we have the abilities to run our entire network effectively." 

— Colleen Medeiros, CIO and SVP, BankNewport



“Organizational survival today depends on how rapidly and effectively you can consume and deploy technology that improves your customers’ lives. Everyone is struggling with this reality because the stakes are so high and it requires different skills and a lot more agility. NWN is a new breed of SaaS company — a solution-as-a-service provider that can help accelerate everything.”

— Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) 

“With approximately 219,000 installed UCaaS users in North America at the end of 2018, NWN ranks among the region’s top 20 hosted IP telephony and UCaaS providers in terms of installed users. Based on its strong performance over the past four years, and Frost & Sullivan’s assessment of the company’s technology and organization capabilities and future strategy, NWN also ranks among the top 20 North American providers on the 2018 Frost Radar in terms of combined innovation and growth excellence scores.”

— Frost and Sullivan 


About NWN

NWN Corporation, headquartered outside Boston, is an established leader in technology-enabled services, delivering secure innovation adoption at scale for commercial, enterprise and public sector organizations through its solution-as-a-service platform. With 1,300 customers throughout the U.S., NWN provides a unified customer experience with integrated offerings for unified communications, security, contact center, DaaS (device-as-a-service), connectivity and advanced technology solutions. To learn more about NWN’s solutions and offerings, visit www.nwnit.com

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