Leveraging Your Data


Executives find it harder than ever to answer the fundamental question: “What information do you need?” They put their organizations at risk not only when they answer the question lightly, but when they fail to ask it in the first place. We see a growing divide between the organizations that have relentlessly developed their own information literacy and those that have not. Organizations that identify relevant questions, collect and analyze meaningful information, and use the conclusions to drive performance are winning.

As executives come to grips with the information they want, they quickly find that their transaction systems come up short. These systems are designed for processing activity, not for informing decision-makers. For IT leaders to close the gap, they must design and implement intelligence solutions that gather and synchronize relevant data, provide meaningful analyses, and offer ad hoc tools that the information literate can use to advantage.

  • Executive intelligence—Provide incisive, timely information for management decisions and analytic environments for users to roll their own.
  • Information design and application integration—Integrate and rationalize a range of data sources so they can be combined for more powerful analytics.
  • Proactive management, monitoring, and support—Identify and solve performance issues by rooting out the causes before the problems emerge.
  • Business-aware infrastructure design—Design your infrastructure for your workloads, from transaction processing to ad hoc queries, and stay a step ahead of changing needs.
  • Data- and device-sensitive security—Proactively secure the situation at hand—the data, the device, the user—without driving users crazy.
  • Business continuity—Plan infrastructure capacity just in time and engineer effective recovery and fail-over.