End User Experience


Providing an effective work environment for end users used to be easy. You could count yourself successful if you kept a reasonably up-to-date and secure PC on their desk and provided a responsive help desk.  As long as the corporate applications ran reliably, you heard no complaints.

No longer. Today, users expect to work with any device, anywhere, anytime, with intuitive applications personalized to their needs. It’s up to IT to deploy appealing devices that are imaged, connected, and protected, and stay that way.  IT executives are looking for help with:

  • Device Deployment—Getting devices into end users’ hands when and where they require
  • Device-sensitive security— Asset tagging, laser etching, and protection against data loss and malware. Proactively secure the situation at hand—the data, the device, the user—without driving users crazy.
  • Virtual Desktop Imaging (VDI)—Controlling and supporting desktop and mobile device images centrally so users have ready access to the applications they need
  • Desktops in a Box—Infrastructure appliances that simplify the task of managing end user devices

Getting the right device into the end user’s hands is just the beginning. IT also has to provide an affordable and effective platform of office tools and applications, along with deeply expert help when issues arise. Included are:

  • Up-to-Date Office Tools—Sustain and support an effective Microsoft environment. Manage upgrades and transitions such as the move to Windows 7 or 8 with ease
  • Managed Print—Optimized printing resources to save money and improve service levels for end users
  • Applications That Are a Joy to Use—An applications pane of glass that simplifies work. Compliment it with mobile apps for customers, constituents, and on-the-go employees.
  • Business-Aware Infrastructure Design—Infrastructure designed for your workloads, from transaction processing to ad hoc queries. Put effective mobile connectivity high on the priority list.
  • Expert Help—On-call engineers who can get users back to work quickly when they encounter a problem. Help desk, patch management, and proactive monitoring to eliminate issues before they impact users.