(Everything) Always Connected

AlwaysConnected_webRemember how we all used to think about our land-line dial tone? It was always there, even when the power was out. That’s how our organizations think about the network today. Offline is simply unacceptable. What must always be connected? Everything.  Day by day, it seems we add more and more digital “voices” to the dialog. This includes our phone calls, emails, and instant messages of course, but also our core business and executive intelligence applications reporting out. And that’s just the beginning. We’ll also want dashboards, screen pops, and alerts that show us everything from our current run rate of customer complaints to the reasons our equipment is phoning home. Simply stated, our organizations assume constant, extensive interplay, and IT must provide a network infrastructure that delivers it.

  • Always-on core networks—Design, implement, support, and sustain robust networks that never hiccup.
  • Wireless first—Put effective mobile connectivity high on the priority list.
  • Cost-effective, flexible circuits—Upgrade trunk lines to increase capacity and routing options for a fraction of the cost of traditional circuits.
  • Device-integrated user experience—Adjust the end user experience on the fly to the device they happen to be holding.
  • Optimize resources—Save money and increase flexibility by substituting software for hardware.
  • Proactive management, monitoring, and supportIdentify and solve performance issues by rooting out the causes before the problems emerge.
  • Comprehensive security—Secure the organization’s digital assets, wherever they may be.