(Everything) Always Connected

AlwaysConnected_webMany IT executives are frankly surprised and overwhelmed when they find out the truth about their networks. They thought their network was robust with plenty of capacity, but it’s not.

The explosion of wireless devices as well as data flowing from a whole new class of alerts and sensors is turning networks from solidly capably to fraught with weak links, from relatively stable to extremely dynamic. Organizations driving cell phone traffic toward wireless to contain costs are finding the wireless network isn’t up to the task. Further, challenges in wireless quickly impact the core infrastructure as well.

Those involved in network security now have a new, larger mandate. They have to protect digital assets against breaches that seem to get scarier every day. But that’s not enough. They also have to ensure that data is securely available when and where end users need it.

IT executives need new solutions for their networking challenges. To achieve the always-on, ready-for-anything status that their end users assume, leaders are seeking:

  • Stronger network design—Affordable, flexible wireless and wired network designs with industrial-strength software and hardware
  • Network performance analytics—Network management tools that allow IT to align network capacity with demand
  • Cost-effective, flexible trunk circuits—Configurable trunk lines to increase capacity and routing options for a fraction of the cost of traditional circuits.
  • Proactive management, monitoring, and supportRound the clock oversight to solve performance issues before they impact end users
  • Comprehensive security—Secure digital assets, wherever they may be.