NWN Health Checks

Collaboration Health Check

The Collaboration System Health Check is an assessment of the health of your Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure to identify security, performance, and configuration problems before enhanced collaboration features are deployed. Misconfigured or underperforming network components can impact many critical operations such as service discovery, contact source searches, and presences information. The tools and guidance provided by NWN in this engagement are used to evaluate and assess your Unified Communications environment to determine what needs to be corrected, if anything, before adding additional collaboration services to your system.

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vSphere Health Check

You’ve made a significant investment to virtualize your business technology infrastructure and applications, NWN’s vSphere Health Check helps you ensure an optimal environment. An NWN VMware® Certified Professional (VCP) consultant will work with your team to understand your environment and provide guidance on the current best practices for configuring and managing your VMware vSphere™ infrastructure. Working together with your team, we will review your VMware vSphere environment and vCenter configurations and provide concrete, actionable recommendations to optimize your virtual infrastructure environment and operations. Let NWN Optimize your environment

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Cisco Wireless LAN Health Check

Mobility has become “the go to” standard for enterprise connectivity today. As more and more devices are connecting to wireless networks, organizations are facing increased pressure to ensure the availability and performance of the network is enterprise grade. Many WLAN infrastructures that were built for “best effort” connectivity are significantly underperforming or failing completely with the increased number of end user devices. Overtime, it’s important to reassess your current WLAN infrastructure capacity and scalability. NWN’s WLAN Health Check will validate your WLAN Infrastructure and look at your available bandwidth, RF Interference, and security procedures.

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