Turn Your Network from a Security Vulnerability into a Weapon Against Cyber-Attacks

Jun 18, 2015

Cisco Office
1900 South Boulevard,
Charlotte, NC 28203

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Driven by mobility, cloud computing and Internet of Everything megatrends, and fueled by increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals, today’s information landscape is more dynamic and more vulnerable than ever before.

To learn more about how you can implement a comprehensive, network-enabled approach to cybersecurity, join NWN, Lancope, and Cisco on March 26th at the NWN office for a complimentary Lunch and Learn.

During the event, we will discuss:

  • Leveraging Lancope’s StealthWatch System and flexible NetFlow solutions to turn your network into a proactive “Security Sensor” that provides real-time visibility into all activity. This will enable you to discover security incidents quickly and become better equipped to achieve compliance.
  • Using the network as a “Security Enforcer” with the Cisco TrustSec solution. This will help policy-based access control and network segmentation for containment of the attacks, assist in compliance efforts and reduce the risk of serious data breaches.

Experience a live hands-on demo

Hear from industry peers on the value they are seeing from this revolutionary solution.

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