Statewide Desktop and Workstation Contract

  • Date: May 14, 2014
  • Type: application/pdf
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The State’s contract with NWN Corporation (contractor) provides Desktop Computers at contracted pricing
to the State of California and local governmental agencies in accordance with the requirements of Contract
# 1-13-70-01A. The contractor shall supply the entire portfolio of products as identified in the contract and
will be the primary point of contact for data collection, reporting, and distribution of Desktops to the State.
The contract term is for three (3) years with an option to extend the contract for two (2) additional one (1)
year periods or portion thereof. The terms, conditions, and prices for the contract extension option shall
be by mutual agreement between the contractor and the State. If a mutual agreement cannot be met the
contract may be terminated at the end of the current contract term.