NWN Success Stories

We've partnered with some of the most innovative commercial, enterprise and public sector organizations across the nation. Learn how NWN's cutting-edge Solution-as-a-Service platform has helped them.

Case Study: Town of Cary

We partnered with the second-largest town in America to upgrade their infrastructure. They relied on our professional services to support their deployments, networking environment, voice environment, and equipment, which resulted in better services to their citizens and improved customer experience across the board.

Case Study: UNC Health Care Systems

UNC Health Care Systems was looking for a way to connect their network of hospitals across their network. With NWN, they are able to deliver not only a much better way for clinicians to treat their patients across various hospitals, but also a better patient experience. 

NWN's knowledge level and personal approach is different from our past experience with consultants. They have come in, spent a couple of days with us, and then generated a white paper. NWN spent real time with us, interviewing stakeholders and getting to know our business. Their personal, hands-on approach has enabled us to fully leverage the tools we need to proactively manage our business. With NWN's help, we have turned information into an asset that employees can access at any point to gain a better understanding of things like how much revenue is out there.

Brad King
Manager of Information Systems
Gresham, Smith and Partners

The board wanted the safety of e911 tied into the campus communications system. We've already demonstrated that with our emergency dispatch team. In addition, the NWN support team has been superb. None of the normal teething problems that occur in an implementation like this have touched our end users; they are thrilled. This project changes the [communications] foundation. We are already planning for instant messaging and video conferencing. We'll save the time and cost of people in offices and classrooms traveling from school to school. It's exciting to see the possibilities emerge.

Tony Baldwin
Director of Technology Services
Anderson Union High School District in California