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To place an order or to speak with an NWN DIR team member, please call or e-mail our DIR Team: 281.983.9955 or Contact Us at htx-dir-sales@nwnit.com.

*NWN is an Authorized Reseller



Contract # Vendors Description Expiration Links
DIR-TSO-4159 HP Inc. Products & Services 09/28/2020
DIR-TSO-4160 HP Enterprise Products & Services 10/02/2020
DIR-TSO-3808 Lenovo Computer Equipment – PC’s 03/31/2020
DIR-TSO-4119 Lenovo Computer Equipment – Server/Storage 03/31/2020
DIR-TSO-4299 EMC Products & Services 12/17/2020
DIR-TSO-4288 Carahsoft Products & Services 2/21/2021
DIR-TSO-4192 NWN Cisco Branded Products & Related Services 06/28/2020
DIR-TSO-3909  NWN Telecom Managed Services 11/27/2019
DIR-TSO-4069  NWN Cloud Services 01/17/2020
DIR-TSO-4257  NWN Technology Based Conferencing Services 11/02/2020