North Carolina Contracts

In our work with North Carolina state and local government agencies, we operate under a number of contractual agreements that enable state agencies to achieve purchasing convenience, service reliability and significant cost savings. With strong partners such as Cisco, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Security (formerly McAfee), Microsoft, NetApp and VMWare, to name a few, NWN has the ability to provide you flexible, national contract solutions that are easy to use.

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Contract # Vendors Description Expiration Links
ITS-208V VMWare Software, Hardware, Support 09/30/2019
ITS-725A Cisco Collaboration 12/31/2019
ITS-204X Dell, EMC, Pure, NetApp, F5, Cisco, Nutanix IT Infrastructure Solutions 06/30/2023

Contract # Vendor Organization Description Expiration Links
NCLGISA Cisco City of Jacksonville Products, Services & NWN Professional Services 10/04/2019
NC10WIFI10 Cisco NC DPI Networking Equipment & Services 03/17/2020

Contract # Vendor Organization Description Expiration Links
SRA-051315 Cisco UNCGA Networking & Collaboration 04/30/2020

Contract # Vendor Description Expiration Links                                                                          Contract Award

*Professional Services are available alongside each of the following:

Contract # Vendors Description Expiration Links
1214028028 NWN NWN NCloud, NWNComm, NCare, Services 12/31/2020
1214008028 HP Enterprise Data Center 12/31/2020
1214028028 Liebert Data Center 12/31/2020
1214060028 EMC Data Center 12/31/2020
1214061028 NetApp, EMC Data Center 12/31/2020
1214029028 Lenovo End-User Computing 12/31/2020
1214028028 McAfee Network Security 12/31/2020
1214058029 Cisco Networking 12/31/2020
1214059028 Cisco Phone/VoIP Equipment 12/31/2020
1214079029 Microsoft and Surface Software/OS, Computers 12/31/2020
1214028028 VMWare, Citrix Virtualization 12/31/2020