NWN Cloud Assessment

NWN’s Cloud Assessment drives decision making by removing the confusion and allowing you to view relevant data on your environment.  The assessment provides access to an application dashboard so you can view technology and business priority information. The full assessment can be accomplished in as little as two weeks and offers discovery of, but not limited to, all on-premise assets, network bandwidth requirements, application/server dependency, and multiple public cloud vendor instance matching based on performance.  This assessment allows you to be responsive by making decisions via information gained through our NCloud tool. In addition, our integration to migration tools makes movement to the cloud easier than ever before (if that is the direction you choose to move).

Common Scenarios

All organizations need effective analysis and planning before moving critical business applications to the cloud. NWN’s cloud assessment offers a proven platform that over 6,500 medium to large enterprise organizations have relied on to solve complex problems and plan strategic business projects. This assessment may make sense if:

  • Your organization doesn’t have a good understanding of service provider capabilities and cost models for the cloud.
  • You are looking to complete network capacity planning for application migrations and ongoing use in the cloud.
  • You don’t currently have any migration plans for cloud or data center workloads but you understand that you will need them for future plans

Getting Started

Analytics tools are simple to deploy (as little as 15 minutes) and take 7 days on average to analyze network to get useful results.

Cloud Assessment Benefits

  • The NWN Cloud Assessment will help your organization prepare for simple and complex cloud projects faster and more efficiently, creating a clear picture of your current environment.
  • Uncover any current issues in your cloud environment and unveil opportunities for improvement.
  • Reduce the cost of moving to the cloud via a cost model across dozens of providers If you decide to stick with an on-premise model, this platform can also provide you with a beneficial analysis for datacenter projects.

Cloud Assessment Features

  • NWN will perform discovery and health checks for server names, IP Addresses, Software, Servers as well as an inventory of your virtual machines.
  • We will complete secure data collection, ensuring your information stays where it should, within your environment.
  • NWN will also complete passive analysis of network infrastructure to gain an understanding of how your network environment can impact any cloud moves. 

Cloud Assessment Deliverables

  • We will provide you with an analysis of your core network infrastructure, server, virtualization, unified communication, data center and cloud environments. Our documentation throughout the process will help your management team take action and plan for change, making data-driven informed decisions. Finally, our team will give you recommendations for change based on the information we find.

Why NWN?

NWith over 20 years experience in collaboration technologies, NWN was an early adopter of cloud. Our NCloud team was formed 5 years ago to focus explicitly on Cisco Powered cloud technology. Our concentrated approach ensures that we are keeping up with the latest technologies. The NWN cloud collaboration portfolio has grown from offering traditional hosted collaboration to providing Telepresence-as-a-Service and Contact Center-as-a-Service. These advanced features give our customers piece of mind, knowing that their communications system is in the hands of cloud experts.

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