Security and Mobility Solutions – Common Concerns

In Search of Secure Mobility Solutions Organizations have to face the fact that mobile computing is so much a part of modern culture, both at work and at play, that providing security against all threats is more of a dream than a reality. Businesses are adapting to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world because it has the potential to raise productivity and because a millennial workforce demands it, but the dangers are just beginning [...]

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Recapping Cisco Live 2016 – Technology & Security

NWN recently attended Cisco Live 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the key takeaways this year was an emphasis on the importance of technology. In the keynote address from Karen Walker, CMO and Chuck Robbins, CEO, they stressed that technology is “the single largest driver of change.” Robbins emphasized the importance of using technology to benefit the greater good by highlighting its importance in fields such as healthcare, education, and government, saying “we must [...]

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Flash Storage Yields Higher Performance & Lower Footprint

Revolutionary Shift in Flash Storage Organizations are learning to appreciate the efficacy and efficiency that flash storage can bring to their enterprises.This growing understanding is causing nothing less than a revolutionary change in data management.The combination of affordability, enhanced performance and decreased footprint make flash storage an increasingly compelling alternative to traditional hard drives. While it’s true that just a short time ago flash vendors could not compete with spinning disk providers for primary data [...]

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Improve Monitoring & Security with Managed IT Services

Ensure Performance with 24/7 NOC Coverage There are many compelling reasons to acquire managed IT services for your organization. Key among them is the ability to obtain vigilant, continuous monitoring of your internal operations.The ability to respond to possible security breaches or critical network and systems issues is not a part time job.You may not expect to work every hour of the day; but all day, every day coverage is what you should expect from [...]

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Digital Displays in Higher Education: Improve Campus Life

As of 2016, millennials officially outnumber baby boomers as America’s largest generation. These 18 – 34 year olds now make up 23.5% of our population and by the time classes begin this fall, more than twelve million will be enrolled at colleges and universities across the United States. Digital displays are everywhere There’s a staggering amount of information backed by statistics that point to the increasing importance of video, not just in marketing initiatives but [...]

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3 Essential Monitoring Tips from GalaxZ 16

In early May, NWN’s own Doug Syer was asked by Zenoss, our IT monitoring and service analytics provider, to participate in a keynote panel at its second annual user conference, GalaxZ 16. As Vice President of Managed Services at NWN, Syer is our resident expert, offering plenty of expertise and experience when it comes to monitoring projects and solutions.  He teamed up with representatives from two other long-time Zenoss customers: Huntington Bank (Kyle Kopp) and [...]

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Information Strategy’s 3 Big Surprises

I finally got around to unpacking that last box of stuff from our move last summer. I pulled out a pile of articles and reports I had written over the years—mostly when I was a senior executive at Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change. What was on the top of the pile? “Capping the Gusher,” a management report on information strategy-how organizations leverage information to create value in a dynamic business environment.[*]  Copyright date: 2001. Of [...]

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A Crazy Idea for Managing Projects Based on Surprise

Put your skeptic’s hat on… this is going to be out there. NPR aired a segment yesterday about an economist’s view of suspense and surprise. Suspense means wondering what’s going to happen, and surprise means getting an abrupt change of perspective. Economists[1] argue that suspense and surprise make an activity engaging, and that there are ways to optimize both to heighten the effect. Too little and the activity is boring; too much and it’s overwhelming. [...]

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Demystifying Print Strategy Saves Tax Payer Dollars

Today, state and local governments are more serious than ever about reducing print costs and becoming more eco friendly. Managed print services coupled with printing policies are key. Laws in states like Washington help too. Their government agencies are now mandated to recycle all paper and use 100% post-consumer recycled paper products. This small change reportedly saves Washington’s taxpayers $1M per year. Print Policies: One Part of the Answer Many state and local governments have [...]

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Making the Case for Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Modern enterprises are exploring a variety of cloud models to manage their data and resources. For many, the big discovery is that choosing between private cloud solutions or public cloud computing will not adequately address their needs. In an effort to build viable infrastructures, organizations today are looking for a mix of function, security, return on investment, and flexibility, considerations best met by a hybrid cloud paradigm.  Why Hybrid Cloud There are three key factors that [...]

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