Why Not Upgrading Your UC System May Cost You

Don’t Be Caught Short There’s an old business adage, penny wise and pound foolish, that never seems to go out of date. The reason is simple – it’s as true today as when it was first written. At present, many managers of older unified communications systems are hesitant to invest in new equipment, citing budget as their major concern. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to analyze the cost of remaining static versus the value [...]

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Dealing with Common Objections to Cloud Communications

While the cloud model is gaining popularity as a business communications solution, there remain a number of key objections that can postpone or disrupt cloud migration. Some of the common objections revolve around uncertainties related to cost, time and the scope of implementing a cloud-based solution. When making the decision to upgrade, it’s helpful to weed out some of the misconceptions floating around. So here are a few of the big ones. 1)  Migrating to [...]

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How Many Hero Points Do You Have In Your Portfolio?

IT leaders need a seat at the table. But getting the organizational credibility to be accepted as a strategic colleague is an art. Of course you need to build relationships with the C-team. And you need to pull your weight strategically. Here’s a non-scientific, self-test you can take to assess whether you’re on the right track:   Question Scoring your answer 1.       What percentage of your budget is devoted to projects with no visible upside? [...]

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Getting What You Hope For (Part II of the COTS or Not Series)

Gartner’s forecast of a 75 percent BUILD-NOT-BUY rate for digital business applications raises the question of how IT executives keep their hard-won seats at the table. The success rate of software development projects hovers around 65 percent.  That’s an F. No matter who is doing the building—in house or appdev vendor, the buck stops with the IT leadership. Even if they can get all the money back for a dev project that’s gone south, they [...]

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Putting Your Bank in its Place

Unless you’re King Midas, money isn’t an end in itself. It’s an enabler. We use it to provide the things we, our families, and our communities need and want so we have an amazing life together. Banks almost always put themselves in the wrong place in this story. They craft their business model as if the banking transaction is the final step in the customer’s process. It’s not. It’s usually somewhere in the middle. One [...]

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COTS or Not

We’ve been struggling with our ERP system for several years now. It’s one of the more popular, cloud-based COTS that is “designed” for  businesses of our size and scope So what’s the problem? There are several. It’s very difficult to get useful, management-oriented information. We’ve spent countless hours building a data warehouse and developing dashboards just so we can see basic metrics such as our sales trends and the status of our key customers. We [...]

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The Devil You Know – Questions to Ask a Potential Vendor

The whole B2B and B2G sales game has changed. Business and government managers are ever more reluctant to meet with sales people just to hear their pitches. Those meetings used to be appealing to managers to help them stay abreast of what was happening in their environment, highlight popular new solutions and, in light terms, let them know if they were keeping up with other organizations. Well, customers no longer need those sales calls to [...]

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Making the Move to 1:1 – Tools and Implementation Ideas

Having grown up immersed in technology, today’s students are digital natives. In fact, with 75% of kids under 8 having their own mobile device, these young minds crave interactive learning environments in their classroom. Unfortunately due to budget constraints, on average, there is only one working device per 4 students in schools across the United States. To engage modern learning styles, school districts, educators and IT professionals are working together to raise student achievement through [...]

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Business Communications Solution?

Outdated Technology May Be Limiting Performance Changes in business technology are so fast paced and constant that staying current can seem futile if not impossible. As a result, it’s tempting to conclude that when something’s not broken there’s no need to fix it. Why commit scarce resources to upgrade or replace a phone system that appears to be functioning? The answer is really quite obvious – you don’t want your company to lose its competitive [...]

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Benefits of Collaboration in Today’s Business Environment

The definition of collaboration can vary depending on who you talk to, how critical it is to their organization, and other considerations.  I propose a broad by simple definition: Collaboration is the act of people working together to reach a common goal. The common denominator is that people are at the center. To support this idea, organizations have deployed a long list of collaboration technologies over the last 15 or so years, usually focusing on migrating from [...]

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