NWN is Thankful During the Holiday Season

After joining the NWN family only 3 short months ago as a Project Coordinator I am constantly reminded of the full circle of appreciation with this group that I have joined.  We are each challenged everyday with making the complete customer experience from the moment a new proposal is sent, to the initial project kickoff, the engineers working with our customers on site, to the NCare team that is there to assist after the [...]

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Ready for the Next Generation of End User Computing? [Infographic]

Organizations are taking hold of next generation technology with Device as a Service (DaaS), advanced user authentication is transforming mobile security, and helpdesk services are lowering enterprise IT support costs. It’s all a part of the next wave of end user computing solutions designed to reduce IT complexity and improve workplace efficiency. Learn how you can simplify your digital workspace with end user computing solutions to manage, support, and protect your IT environment. Are [...]

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What is the Best Approach for Updating Information Technology Equipment?

Advice from a frustrated help desk technician. By some means, someplace, somebody got the bright idea that organizations should replace their computers in stages—one third in year one, one third in year two, and the final third in year three. The rationale is that you can spread the cost out over time, and everything stays on a rotating cycle. This is completely obsolete today. Why This Approach Will Always Cause More Harm Than Good With [...]

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Unified Communications and Collaboration for 2017: The Race to the Cloud

The cloud revolution race is on! With Unified Cloud Hosted Solutions growing at an alarming rate of 33% each year, it has become close to a $28 billion a year business and continues to grow. The marketplace for communications is shifting to multi-modal interactions; with voice, video, messaging and collaboration spearheading the future of this market. As the plethora of applications and devices grows, so does the demand for high-volume messaging, call sharing, video, [...]

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NWN Receives Top Honors at 2017 Cisco Partner Summit

At this years' Cisco Partner Summit, NWN was once again recognized as a leader in the technology industry.  We proudly accepted awards in the following categories: Cloud Partner of the Year - US: East, SLED Education Partner of the Year - US: Public Sector, Architectural Excellence: Enterprise Networking Partner of the Year - US: South. Cisco showcased the winners at their annual global partner conference of 2100 partners in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017. Cisco's [...]

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What You Should Know About Hyperconvergence [Infographic]

When it comes to IT infrastructure, managing complex systems can be a frustrating hassle. IT managers have their hands full trying to keep security and performance at required levels while also deploying new features. Silos of specialized IT skills add another level of complexity to the issue. Organizations are increasingly turning to hyperconverged solutions to simplify their IT infrastructures. Scroll through the infographic to learn how to enable business IT efficiency and why technology professionals [...]

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How Tablet Technology Benefits the Classroom

As part of our ongoing review of ways to facilitate education, we’ve examined how investing in classroom technology is now a necessity for modern schools. Educational institutions need to keep equipment and infrastructure updated, and they also must introduce students to modern productivity tools. Today we continue the conversation with a look at how tablet technology enhances education, and ways to use tablets in the classroom. Savings and Efficiency in an All-In-One Solution As an [...]

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Managing End of Life for Your Phone System

What to Expect When Your Phone System is Obsolete You may be reading the signs. Your current phone technology has been in use for a while now. The need to make updates and fixes is happening more frequently, and you’re starting to realize that the features you are limited to are not exactly cutting edge. It may also be the case that finding support for your system is also becoming a bit of a hassle, [...]

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Why Commercial Displays Engage Better in Business Settings

Digital displays are a front-runner in today’s business growth strategy for sales, marketing, user-experience and information delivery. In fact, while other tactics like social media and content development grow noisier, the impact of digital display remains consistently effective. This is due in large part to customer expectations for screens in businesses, software that enables engaging visual content creation, and strong ROI. At purchasing time, it may seem natural to view all screens as equals. After [...]

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How Digital Signage Serves Diverse Audiences in K-12 Schools

Over half our population is comprised of visual learners, which underscores the importance of digital displays, smart boards and other technology in K-12 classrooms. Today’s students arrive fluent in technology making digital display screens, apps and computers that much more important. Classroom technology isn’t an option anymore; it’s a necessity in order for K-12 teachers to facilitate learning. In addition, parents depend on digital screens as a means for communicating and staying informed about school events [...]

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