The Benefits of Device-as-a-Service

So you’ve been hearing more and more lately about DaaS — Device-as-a-Service. If you’re wondering exactly what it is and why it’s a benefit to your IT operations and your business, you’re not alone. In a nutshell, Device-as-a-Service is a turnkey, one-stop-shop way to deploy, manage, and maintain all of your devices, from logistics to security and more. It’s all about convenience, flexibility, choice, and efficiency, and it ensures you always have access to exactly [...]

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NWN is Thankful During the Holiday Season

After joining the NWN family only 3 short months ago as a Project Coordinator I am constantly reminded of the full circle of appreciation with this group that I have joined.  We are each challenged everyday with making the complete customer experience from the moment a new proposal is sent, to the initial project kickoff, the engineers working with our customers on site, to the NCare team that is there to assist after the [...]

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Putting Your Bank in its Place

Unless you’re King Midas, money isn’t an end in itself. It’s an enabler. We use it to provide the things we, our families, and our communities need and want so we have an amazing life together. Banks almost always put themselves in the wrong place in this story. They craft their business model as if the banking transaction is the final step in the customer’s process. It’s not. It’s usually somewhere in the middle. One [...]

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The Devil You Know – Questions to Ask a Potential Vendor

The whole B2B and B2G sales game has changed. Business and government managers are ever more reluctant to meet with sales people just to hear their pitches. Those meetings used to be appealing to managers to help them stay abreast of what was happening in their environment, highlight popular new solutions and, in light terms, let them know if they were keeping up with other organizations. Well, customers no longer need those sales calls to [...]

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Improve Monitoring & Security with Managed IT Services

Ensure Performance with 24/7 NOC Coverage There are many compelling reasons to acquire managed IT services for your organization. Key among them is the ability to obtain vigilant, continuous monitoring of your internal operations.The ability to respond to possible security breaches or critical network and systems issues is not a part time job.You may not expect to work every hour of the day; but all day, every day coverage is what you should expect from [...]

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3 Essential Monitoring Tips from GalaxZ 16

In early May, NWN’s own Doug Syer was asked by Zenoss, our IT monitoring and service analytics provider, to participate in a keynote panel at its second annual user conference, GalaxZ 16. As Vice President of Managed Services at NWN, Syer is our resident expert, offering plenty of expertise and experience when it comes to monitoring projects and solutions.  He teamed up with representatives from two other long-time Zenoss customers: Huntington Bank (Kyle Kopp) and [...]

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10 Tips for Hiring a Professional Services Firm

My husband and I are in the midst of building a house. Our experience with our architect couldn’t be more painful. It occurred to me that the lessons we are learning the hard way apply equally to working with any professional services firm on a complex and important project. I have packaged my learnings as recommendations in hopes you can use them to save yourself some heartache. At the start, identify your own areas of [...]

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Project Management Tips – Working in the Wiggle Room

We all talk about our users’ or our customers’ needs as if they were written in stone… as if we could nail them down completely with the right probing questions or well-structured methodology. Well, let me tell you something. Not only are these needs fuzzy at best, but they change during the course of the project. No matter how well we dig and probe, the target will always shift and evolve. And here’s a bulletin [...]

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The New Customer Service: Nice But Incompetent

I’ve been known to complain about things from time to time. Okay, sometimes I can get irritated with petty issues, but this isn’t one of those. I’m sure you’ve noticed it too. Customer service representatives in a wide variety of call centers do an excellent job on the relationship side. They ask “How are you?” That’s designed to make us feel that they care about us when we call. They exude a bright and friendly [...]

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