Security and Mobility Solutions – Common Concerns

In Search of Secure Mobility Solutions Organizations have to face the fact that mobile computing is so much a part of modern culture, both at work and at play, that providing security against all threats is more of a dream than a reality. Businesses are adapting to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world because it has the potential to raise productivity and because a millennial workforce demands it, but the dangers are just beginning [...]

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When Did Personal Computers Get So Personal?

I am sick. I understand the major laptop manufacturers have decided that no one wants the button mouse in the middle of the keyboard any longer. Well they are wrong; I want it. That touch pad thing drives me crazy because my fly-away thumb is always tapping me into la-la-land when I touch-type. Using a mouse means carrying an extra gizmo that runs out of batteries at the worst possible times. The button mouse works [...]

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Now You Can Shop NWN Online with NStore

NWN is excited to announce the launch of NStore! NStore is a customized online commerce platform for NWN customers that provides 24 X 7 product information, improves internal purchasing processes, and maintains historical purchasing records. You now have three ways to interact with NWN: face-to-face with your account executive, on the phone with your Telesales Inside Account Executive and on the web with NStore. Where is the NStore? You’ll find NStore in the global navigation [...]

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