Saved By a Surface

Ok, I shouldn’t have opened that email. I certainly shouldn’t have clicked on the attachment. I knew immediately that I was in trouble. My company’s McAfee virus system leaped into the breach and started trying to delete the viral leavings as it worked its way through my C drive. The list of deletions scrolled by faster than I could read it. Now, we have one of the best help desks on the planet. Before I [...]

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7 Powerful Reasons to Buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 3

When in 2014 Microsoft released Surface Pro 3, they made one thing very clear- This tablet was meant to replace your laptop, and that it did. It’s a single device solution to all your technological needs. For people who tend to carry the weight of both iPad Air and a MacBook wherever you go, this tablet gives you the best of both worlds. Along with being very light and travel friendly, the kickstand has also [...]

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