Five Ways to Boost Your IoT Security

The Internet of Things has created a new challenge for companies trying to keep their network secure. As the points of entry into a network increase, so does the attack surface, giving an attacker more opportunities to probe for vulnerability. In fact, Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report revealed a 600 percent increase in IoT attacks between 2016 and 2017. So here are five ways your company can boost their IoT security and help defend [...]

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The Benefits of Device-as-a-Service

So you’ve been hearing more and more lately about DaaS — Device-as-a-Service. If you’re wondering exactly what it is and why it’s a benefit to your IT operations and your business, you’re not alone. In a nutshell, Device-as-a-Service is a turnkey, one-stop-shop way to deploy, manage, and maintain all of your devices, from logistics to security and more. It’s all about convenience, flexibility, choice, and efficiency, and it ensures you always have access to exactly [...]

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Ready for the Next Generation of End User Computing? [Infographic]

Organizations are taking hold of next generation technology with Device as a Service (DaaS), advanced user authentication is transforming mobile security, and helpdesk services are lowering enterprise IT support costs. It’s all a part of the next wave of end user computing solutions designed to reduce IT complexity and improve workplace efficiency. Learn how you can simplify your digital workspace with end user computing solutions to manage, support, and protect your IT environment. Are [...]

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What is the Best Approach for Updating Information Technology Equipment?

Advice from a frustrated help desk technician. By some means, someplace, somebody got the bright idea that organizations should replace their computers in stages—one third in year one, one third in year two, and the final third in year three. The rationale is that you can spread the cost out over time, and everything stays on a rotating cycle. This is completely obsolete today. Why This Approach Will Always Cause More Harm Than Good With [...]

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Why Commercial Displays Engage Better in Business Settings

Digital displays are a front-runner in today’s business growth strategy for sales, marketing, user-experience and information delivery. In fact, while other tactics like social media and content development grow noisier, the impact of digital display remains consistently effective. This is due in large part to customer expectations for screens in businesses, software that enables engaging visual content creation, and strong ROI. At purchasing time, it may seem natural to view all screens as equals. After [...]

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Digital Displays in Higher Education: Improve Campus Life

As of 2016, millennials officially outnumber baby boomers as America’s largest generation. These 18 – 34 year olds now make up 23.5% of our population and by the time classes begin this fall, more than twelve million will be enrolled at colleges and universities across the United States. Digital displays are everywhere There’s a staggering amount of information backed by statistics that point to the increasing importance of video, not just in marketing initiatives but [...]

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Demystifying Print Strategy Saves Tax Payer Dollars

Today, state and local governments are more serious than ever about reducing print costs and becoming more eco friendly. Managed print services coupled with printing policies are key. Laws in states like Washington help too. Their government agencies are now mandated to recycle all paper and use 100% post-consumer recycled paper products. This small change reportedly saves Washington’s taxpayers $1M per year. Print Policies: One Part of the Answer Many state and local governments have [...]

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Saved By a Surface

Ok, I shouldn’t have opened that email. I certainly shouldn’t have clicked on the attachment. I knew immediately that I was in trouble. My company’s McAfee virus system leaped into the breach and started trying to delete the viral leavings as it worked its way through my C drive. The list of deletions scrolled by faster than I could read it. Now, we have one of the best help desks on the planet. Before I [...]

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7 Powerful Reasons to Buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 3

When in 2014 Microsoft released Surface Pro 3, they made one thing very clear- This tablet was meant to replace your laptop, and that it did. It’s a single device solution to all your technological needs. For people who tend to carry the weight of both iPad Air and a MacBook wherever you go, this tablet gives you the best of both worlds. Along with being very light and travel friendly, the kickstand has also [...]

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My E-Rate Holiday Wish List

Today is December 11, 2014, a historic day for the E-Rate program. An increase of funding was enacted today. This could have a very positive effect on schools and libraries depending on what USAC does next. My E-Rate holiday wish list includes ideas that could help the FCC and USAC maximize the impact of the E-Rate program. Let’s explore why additional funding is needed. First, a quick look at the program: Intention of E-Rate: • [...]

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