How Tablet Technology Benefits the Classroom

As part of our ongoing review of ways to facilitate education, we’ve examined how investing in classroom technology is now a necessity for modern schools. Educational institutions need to keep equipment and infrastructure updated, and they also must introduce students to modern productivity tools. Today we continue the conversation with a look at how tablet technology enhances education, and ways to use tablets in the classroom. Savings and Efficiency in an All-In-One Solution As an [...]

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How Digital Signage Serves Diverse Audiences in K-12 Schools

Over half our population is comprised of visual learners, which underscores the importance of digital displays, smart boards and other technology in K-12 classrooms. Today’s students arrive fluent in technology making digital display screens, apps and computers that much more important. Classroom technology isn’t an option anymore; it’s a necessity in order for K-12 teachers to facilitate learning. In addition, parents depend on digital screens as a means for communicating and staying informed about school events [...]

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Making the Move to 1:1 – Tools and Implementation Ideas

Having grown up immersed in technology, today’s students are digital natives. In fact, with 75% of kids under 8 having their own mobile device, these young minds crave interactive learning environments in their classroom. Unfortunately due to budget constraints, on average, there is only one working device per 4 students in schools across the United States. To engage modern learning styles, school districts, educators and IT professionals are working together to raise student achievement through [...]

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My E-Rate Holiday Wish List

Today is December 11, 2014, a historic day for the E-Rate program. An increase of funding was enacted today. This could have a very positive effect on schools and libraries depending on what USAC does next. My E-Rate holiday wish list includes ideas that could help the FCC and USAC maximize the impact of the E-Rate program. Let’s explore why additional funding is needed. First, a quick look at the program: Intention of E-Rate: • [...]

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Schools and Libraries – It’s Time to Modernize Voice Systems

This may be your last chance to affordably modernize and future-proof your communications/collaboration systems. The recently announced E-rate overhaul was overdue. In years past the e-rate system provided funding for internet and voice access to the school building (Category 1 services), but didn’t help with distribution of these services to students and staff in many districts (Category 2 products and services). Balance was missing. Both Category 1 and Category Two technologies are necessary to get the [...]

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5 Must Know Strategies for the New E-Rate Program

The FCC stated in July of 2014 that they wish to significantly expand funding for Wi-Fi networks and distribute it fairly to all schools and libraries while recognizing the needs of the nation’s rural and poorest school districts. In years past, this was a P2-funded technology. How will they accomplish this? How will this program facilitate broadband access? How can they ensure E-Rate will remain viable for years to come? The FCC released an order on [...]

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5 Benefits of Collaboration Technology in Schools

When school funding is so limited, a lot of people wonder why it’s important to spend money on deploying collaboration technology (like video messaging, phone systems, and instant messaging) in schools. Here are just five benefits that collaboration technology offers to schools that everyone can understand. Savings with better, newer technology Technology is accelerating at an exponential rate and implementing newer technologies could mean exponential savings. Staff productivity Collaboration tools help keep staff more connected [...]

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