Why Commercial Displays Engage Better in Business Settings

Digital displays are a front-runner in today’s business growth strategy for sales, marketing, user-experience and information delivery. In fact, while other tactics like social media and content development grow noisier, the impact of digital display remains consistently effective. This is due in large part to customer expectations for screens in businesses, software that enables engaging visual content creation, and strong ROI. At purchasing time, it may seem natural to view all screens as equals. After [...]

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Digital Displays in Higher Education: Improve Campus Life

As of 2016, millennials officially outnumber baby boomers as America’s largest generation. These 18 – 34 year olds now make up 23.5% of our population and by the time classes begin this fall, more than twelve million will be enrolled at colleges and universities across the United States. Digital displays are everywhere There’s a staggering amount of information backed by statistics that point to the increasing importance of video, not just in marketing initiatives but [...]

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