Why Fog is Better Than Cloud Cover in IoT

The Cloud can present limitations in real-time transactions, time-critical tasks, and analytics when it comes to achieving responsive, real-time IoT. For years, administrators have been concerned that too much bandwidth is required to transmit two-way communication and data generated by sensors along a network in IoT implementations. Latency, security, and privacy within a network infrastructure can be problematic if applications rely completely on the Cloud. This is where Fog Computing comes in. It brings autonomy [...]

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Avoid Failures With This 3 Step Cloud Onboarding Plan

With many organizations using cloud storage and solutions to some degree, for most organizations there is no longer a question of whether or not you should migrate to the cloud. However, many businesses have been slow to fully adopt cloud storage and seem hesitant to completely commit to the cloud. The benefits of the cloud are clear to IT professionals. A 2018 survey identified the most important benefits of cloud computing as: Eliminates requirement to [...]

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New Year, New Website: NWNComm.com

We’re excited to announce that our new website NWNComm.com, is now live. The new site provides a plethora of resources and information about our expertise and solutions for Unified Communications.  The information is broken out by the primary services offered by NWNComm, which include Team Collaboration, Contact Center as a Service, Hosted Voice, Video Conferencing, VoIP Circuit Services and SmartComm monitoring applications. NWNComm is 100% powered by Cisco technologies. We have been a Cisco Gold [...]

The Next Generation Data Center – Moving to Hybrid with Cloud (AWS) Video

Business needs are becoming more demanding than ever. With customers wanting: agility, scalability, security and manageability, it’s too much for most IT Departments to deliver.  Moving your company’s data center to a hybrid or cloud model can unlock hidden potential and drive efficiency.  NWN's Director of Solution Architects – Tom Pedder and National Practice lead – Pat Heinrich discuss different aspects of the data center and the benefits of moving to a hybrid or [...]

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Unified Communications and Collaboration for 2017: The Race to the Cloud

The cloud revolution race is on! With Unified Cloud Hosted Solutions growing at an alarming rate of 33% each year, it has become close to a $28 billion a year business and continues to grow. The marketplace for communications is shifting to multi-modal interactions; with voice, video, messaging and collaboration spearheading the future of this market. As the plethora of applications and devices grows, so does the demand for high-volume messaging, call sharing, video, [...]

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COTS or Not

We’ve been struggling with our ERP system for several years now. It’s one of the more popular, cloud-based COTS that is “designed” for  businesses of our size and scope So what’s the problem? There are several. It’s very difficult to get useful, management-oriented information. We’ve spent countless hours building a data warehouse and developing dashboards just so we can see basic metrics such as our sales trends and the status of our key customers. We [...]

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Recapping Cisco Live 2016 – Technology & Security

NWN recently attended Cisco Live 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the key takeaways this year was an emphasis on the importance of technology. In the keynote address from Karen Walker, CMO and Chuck Robbins, CEO, they stressed that technology is “the single largest driver of change.” Robbins emphasized the importance of using technology to benefit the greater good by highlighting its importance in fields such as healthcare, education, and government, saying “we must [...]

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Making the Case for Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Modern enterprises are exploring a variety of cloud models to manage their data and resources. For many, the big discovery is that choosing between private cloud solutions or public cloud computing will not adequately address their needs. In an effort to build viable infrastructures, organizations today are looking for a mix of function, security, return on investment, and flexibility, considerations best met by a hybrid cloud paradigm.  Why Hybrid Cloud There are three key factors that [...]

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NWN Joins Cisco’s Intercloud

When it comes to hosted voice and video, NWN Corporation has been at the forefront for years. We’ve recently added hosted contact center to our NWN Communications platform. And today, we joined Cisco’s Intercloud—a federated group of 250 cloud providers. We did it for our customers. They will find it easier than ever to integrate their communications infrastructures with other cloud services now that we’re part of the Intercloud group. Our Vice President of NCloud [...]

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Six Big Challenges to Keeping Control in the Cloud

What is the single biggest reason IT executives shy away from services provided in the cloud? –They fear loss of control. And they have a point. We all feel the same way if we’re the ones who have to listen to the angry complaints when critical services hiccup. We’d rather have our own resources, skills, in-depth knowledge of the technology, round-the-clock coverage, and on-site staff to leap into the breach. Unfortunately, budgetary pressure combined with [...]

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