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What You Should Know About Hyperconvergence [Infographic]

When it comes to IT infrastructure, managing complex systems can be a frustrating hassle. IT managers have their hands full trying to keep security and performance at required levels while also deploying new features. Silos of specialized IT skills add another level of complexity to the issue. Organizations are increasingly turning to hyperconverged solutions to simplify their IT infrastructures. Scroll through the infographic to learn how to enable business IT efficiency and why technology professionals [...]

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How Tablet Technology Benefits the Classroom

As part of our ongoing review of ways to facilitate education, we’ve examined how investing in classroom technology is now a necessity for modern schools. Educational institutions need to keep equipment and infrastructure updated, and they also must introduce students to modern productivity tools. Today we continue the conversation with a look at how tablet technology enhances education, and ways to use tablets in the classroom. Savings and Efficiency in an All-In-One Solution As an [...]

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Why Commercial Displays Engage Better in Business Settings

Digital displays are a front-runner in today’s business growth strategy for sales, marketing, user-experience and information delivery. In fact, while other tactics like social media and content development grow noisier, the impact of digital display remains consistently effective. This is due in large part to customer expectations for screens in businesses, software that enables engaging visual content creation, and strong ROI. At purchasing time, it may seem natural to view all screens as equals. After [...]

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7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your PC & Mobile Devices

Spring is finally here, and you’ve probably already spent a fair amount of time cleaning your home, yard, garage, and even your car. But have you taken the time to clean your computers and mobile devices? Twenty years ago, personal computers were used for web browsing, creating and editing documents and spreadsheets, and playing video games. Today, we rely heavily on a wide array of computing devices to manage our daily routines, so much so [...]

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Now You Can Shop NWN Online with NStore

NWN is excited to announce the launch of NStore! NStore is a customized online commerce platform for NWN customers that provides 24 X 7 product information, improves internal purchasing processes, and maintains historical purchasing records. You now have three ways to interact with NWN: face-to-face with your account executive, on the phone with your Telesales Inside Account Executive and on the web with NStore. Where is the NStore? You’ll find NStore in the global navigation [...]

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5 Benefits of Collaboration Technology in Schools

When school funding is so limited, a lot of people wonder why it’s important to spend money on deploying collaboration technology (like video messaging, phone systems, and instant messaging) in schools. Here are just five benefits that collaboration technology offers to schools that everyone can understand. Savings with better, newer technology Technology is accelerating at an exponential rate and implementing newer technologies could mean exponential savings. Staff productivity Collaboration tools help keep staff more connected [...]

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