About Mike Louis

Michael Louis is a Senior Solutions Architect with NWN Corporation. He consults with many of NWN’s largest customers in the enterprise, commercial, and educational sector, designing sophisticated data center and networking solutions. He has been in the IT field for over 13 years and holds many certifications, including a Cisco CCIE.

Why SD-WAN is a Smarter Choice

Up to 70% of enterprise budgets can be consumed by recurring WAN charges and costs when companies deploy private MPLS circuits. MPLS circuits are very reliable but are also very expensive. They are also slower, lack flexibility, and are inadequate for bandwidth-intensive applications. SD-WAN is better than a private MPLS or backup VPN. Join Mike Louis, NWN National Practice Lead and Brian Soper, NWN Director of Solution Architects as they discuss why SD-WAN is the [...]

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Security and Mobility Solutions – Common Concerns

In Search of Secure Mobility Solutions Organizations have to face the fact that mobile computing is so much a part of modern culture, both at work and at play, that providing security against all threats is more of a dream than a reality. Businesses are adapting to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world because it has the potential to raise productivity and because a millennial workforce demands it, but the dangers are just beginning [...]

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BYOD Weighing You Down? Think Wireless First

As a solutions architect focused on LAN/WLAN solutions, I’ve worked with hundreds of customers in the higher education and K-12 space. Many of these conversations have been focused heavily on mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives. In fact, 76% of colleges struggle to meet bandwidth demands. The BYOD trend has changed how we need to design networks. I’ll call this methodology “Wireless First.” Wireless First is an approach to LAN access layer design [...]

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