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Managing End of Life for Your Phone System

What to Expect When Your Phone System is Obsolete You may be reading the signs. Your current phone technology has been in use for a while now. The need to make updates and fixes is happening more frequently, and you’re starting to realize that the features you are limited to are not exactly cutting edge. It may also be the case that finding support for your system is also becoming a bit of a hassle, [...]

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Why Not Upgrading Your UC System May Cost You

Don’t Be Caught Short There’s an old business adage, penny wise and pound foolish, that never seems to go out of date. The reason is simple – it’s as true today as when it was first written. At present, many managers of older unified communications systems are hesitant to invest in new equipment, citing budget as their major concern. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to analyze the cost of remaining static versus the value [...]

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Dealing with Common Objections to Cloud Communications

While the cloud model is gaining popularity as a business communications solution, there remain a number of key objections that can postpone or disrupt cloud migration. Some of the common objections revolve around uncertainties related to cost, time and the scope of implementing a cloud-based solution. When making the decision to upgrade, it’s helpful to weed out some of the misconceptions floating around. So here are a few of the big ones. 1)  Migrating to [...]

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Flash Storage Yields Higher Performance & Lower Footprint

Revolutionary Shift in Flash Storage Organizations are learning to appreciate the efficacy and efficiency that flash storage can bring to their enterprises.This growing understanding is causing nothing less than a revolutionary change in data management.The combination of affordability, enhanced performance and decreased footprint make flash storage an increasingly compelling alternative to traditional hard drives. While it’s true that just a short time ago flash vendors could not compete with spinning disk providers for primary data [...]

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