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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Business Communications Solution?

Outdated Technology May Be Limiting Performance Changes in business technology are so fast paced and constant that staying current can seem futile if not impossible. As a result, it’s tempting to conclude that when something’s not broken there’s no need to fix it. Why commit scarce resources to upgrade or replace a phone system that appears to be functioning? The answer is really quite obvious – you don’t want your company to lose its competitive [...]

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Improve Monitoring & Security with Managed IT Services

Ensure Performance with 24/7 NOC Coverage There are many compelling reasons to acquire managed IT services for your organization. Key among them is the ability to obtain vigilant, continuous monitoring of your internal operations.The ability to respond to possible security breaches or critical network and systems issues is not a part time job.You may not expect to work every hour of the day; but all day, every day coverage is what you should expect from [...]

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Making the Case for Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Modern enterprises are exploring a variety of cloud models to manage their data and resources. For many, the big discovery is that choosing between private cloud solutions or public cloud computing will not adequately address their needs. In an effort to build viable infrastructures, organizations today are looking for a mix of function, security, return on investment, and flexibility, considerations best met by a hybrid cloud paradigm.  Why Hybrid Cloud There are three key factors that [...]

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