Maintain the Health of Your Data Center with Predictive Analytics

How much could problems in your data center be costing you?

On average, enterprises report a single hour of downtime costs their company over $100,000. Even if there isn’t a critical failure in your data center, an inefficient allocation of resources or a poorly designed infrastructure could cause an overall loss of efficiency that costs even more. These concerns are in addition to the constantly looming threat of a data leak.

The fact is, data centers are becoming more complex and more difficult to secure and issues of outages and service degradation are increasing at a concerning rate. Luckily – or perhaps, unfortunately – most IT professionals agree that of the problems they’ve faced in the past three years, 80% were preventable.

In order to get ahead of these problems, IT departments need to leverage new tools to better manage and navigate their data center infrastructures. AI and predictive analytics offer the ability to cover the entire data infrastructure and provide the insights and automation necessary to identify and improve on the health of the data center.

How Predictive Analytics Manages Your Data Center

With the size of the data center increasing every year and the analytics produced by it increasing, predictive analytics is a necessity to analyze this data and help you predict the future performance of your network. Through data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, predictive analytics gives you a complete view of your data center and its future.

HPE Infosight is the best example of a predictive analytics platform that brings software-defined intelligence to the data center for the first time. Their solution creates an AI-powered recommendation engine that predicts and prevents infrastructure problems before they occur.

Benefits of Predictive Analytics

There are a number of ways predictive analytics can help maintain the health of your data center. Here are some of the most common areas IT executives are seeing the benefits of predictive analytics:

Reduce Downtime

A recent Enterprise Strategy Group study found companies utilizing HPE Infosight had 86% of issues automatically predicted and resolved.

Downtime can be extremely disruptive and costly to your entire organization, but most cases are easily preventable. Predictive analytics can automatically identify the preventable issues that make up the majority of cases to ensure reliability and uptime. Through the use of machine learning, your system can then apply any fixes proactively across your entire data center to ensure no other system in your network can experience the same problem.

Visibility Into Complex Infrastructures

As complex as your data infrastructures have become, it is critical to have global visibility across your entire data center. Predictive analytics provides insights across infrastructure stacks and multi-site environments to create a complete view of your infrastructure.

HPE Infosight, which is available to HPE Nimble Storage, provides big data insights across the storage environment for performance trending, capacity analytics, health checks and best practice information.

Free Up IT Resources

For most enterprises, the IT department is already spread extremely thin and there is a major shortage of talent necessary to manage your network. An Uptime Institute Data Center Industry Survey found 50% of data center operators say their most common problem is finding good candidates for data center staffing, operations and management.

With limited IT resources, you can’t afford to waste time navigating your infrastructure and fixing issues. Predictive analytics and AI can help identify the root cause of any issues and in most cases automatically fix these problems without any need for manual intervention. In fact, companies using HPE Infosight have found the time spent troubleshooting issues has been reduced by up to 85%. Not only are most issues automatically resolved, HPE Infosight helps you navigate your infrastructure to make any additional fixes or improvements much simpler.

Scalability and Continuous Improvement

Predictive analytics solutions such as HPE Infosight aren’t just for fixing issues. These insights can also be used to predict the future needs of your data center and identify areas where you can improve the efficiency of existing systems. In this way predictive analytics allows for much more predictable and cost-effective scalability and is constantly searching for new ways to improve your data center.

Through the use of AI and machine learning, HPE Infosight can provide recommendations to improve performance, optimize resources and build an infrastructure that is more resistant to future issues. In fact, studies show HPE Infosight users have been able to reduce operating expenses by 79%.

Looking for more information on how predictive analytics can help maintain and improve the health of your data center? As an HPE partner, NWN has experience with countless implementations of HPE Infosight and other predictive analytics solutions. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.


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