How to Overcome Network Density Challenges in Healthcare

Network density and gridlock are some of the biggest challenges to healthcare today. Applications such as remote diagnostics, multiple devices, and mission-critical applications are consuming massive amounts of bandwidth. Learn what healthcare is doing to counteract network backlogs and free up space in saturated networks for apps like remote diagnostics, advanced telemetry, and education. Join Jason Arnold, NWN Nationa Practice Lead and Mark D’Onofrio, NWN Enterprise Consultant as they discuss the importance of a capacity-planned wireless network to combat density challenges.

You will learn:

  • What apps are creating gridlock
  • Best practices for creating a stable network to support video streaming
  • Why 5GHz is essential for seamless streaming
  • How to handle mission-critical apps
  • Where certain devices should reside
  • Advantages/challenges of hyperlocation

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