The Benefits of Device-as-a-Service

So you’ve been hearing more and more lately about DaaSDevice-as-a-Service. If you’re wondering exactly what it is and why it’s a benefit to your IT operations and your business, you’re not alone. In a nutshell, Device-as-a-Service is a turnkey, one-stop-shop way to deploy, manage, and maintain all of your devices, from logistics to security and more. It’s all about convenience, flexibility, choice, and efficiency, and it ensures you always have access to exactly what your business needs, when and where it needs it.

Imagine being able to quickly add devices when you add staff — or remove them when your staff contracts. Imagine being able to easily upgrade to new technology, from different manufacturers, without worrying about your current devices. Imagine efficiently managing all devices from one convenient dashboard. And, imagine having just one contact when something goes wrong.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Read on to learn more about how Device-as-a-Service’s 6 key benefits can increase IT efficiency, boost your company’s productivity, and reduce operating costs:

DaaS vs. DaaS

First, let’s clear one thing up: Device-as-a-Service is not Desktop-as-a-Service, though they are both abbreviated DaaS. Confusing! Desktop-as-a-Service is restricted to desktop software support only, while Device-as-a-Service covers the actual devices, as well as how they’re deployed, used, and managed.

#1 Simplify Deployment

Gain the flexibility to scale your devices to meet the changing needs of your business. Get the number of workstations, laptops, printers, copiers, tablets, and other devices you need, when you need them — and let them go just as easily. Your Device-as-a-Service partner will move them in, and move them out. You won’t have to deal with pesky packing materials. And you’ll no longer have the burden of unused hardware sitting around, or, worse, collecting dust in the company warehouse. Your partner will also manage removal and recycling of old devices, in addition to wiping data to keep your company information secure. This frees up valuable time your IT staff can use to instead focus on more important IT modernization projects.

Plus, your Device-as-a-Service partner will configure all devices to your needs and specifications, like loading images and applications, labeling devices, and modifying factory settings. Your partner will also manage installation, setup, and data migration. You’ll get equipment that’s ready to work right out of the box, every time. Device-as-a-Service deployment is a truly turnkey experience. Bonus: Having a standard in place to deploy and maintain devices saves you and your organization time and money.

#2 Enhance IT Efficiency

Device-as-a-Service has evolved into a proactive management and analytics tool that can be leveraged by internal staff or by your partner, to significantly impact operational efficiencies. Device-as-a-Service will streamline IT hardware support to a central point of contact. Instead of mountains of tech support ticket requests and multiple hardware companies to contact, you’ll have one contact to manage all of your needs. You’ll save your IT operations time — and money — on handling hardware issues with a single point of accountability. Plus, you can close gaps in your IT infrastructure by relying on your Device-as-a-Service partner for service spanning the entire lifecycle, including: planning, configuring, deploying, optimizing, maintaining, and disposal. The end result: When they’re not bogged down tackling device handling and installation, plus everyday troubles and tactics, your IT team will have more time to be strategic and positively impact the overall business.

#3 Mix to Match

With Device-as-a-Service, you can mix devices from different manufacturers to match the needs of your business. This is a distinct advantage for end-user groups that want and need a range of devices — from the latest tablets to powerful workstations — to position their teams and their business for maximum success.

And when it comes to keeping up with today’s fast-changing technologies, you’re covered. When you’re not locked in by a hardware purchase, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest and greatest devices. Your Device-as-a-Service partner is there to support device turnover and upgrades as well as end-of-life replacement to position your business keep up — and get ahead. Plus, a subscription programs empowers an organization to “flex” down as much as 20% with no penalties, making onerous lease terms obsolete.

#4 Boost Productivity

Transform your workplace with secure, always-ready devices that are productive over their lifecycle. Proactively monitor performance and anticipate potential problems so you can solve them before they occur, and keep your team at work.

#5 Amp Up Security

Keeping devices patched and up-to-date can be a challenge, and delaying patching can leave your devices vulnerable to the latest security attacks. With Device-as-a-Service, your devices will be regularly patched and you’ll also gain analytical insights on your entire device inventory, including location and condition, to confidently maintain your company’s commitment to security. Device-as-a-Service empowers you to expand your ability and visibility to monitor your fleet and keep it secure and policy-compliant at all times. Devices can be configured with the latest built-in hardware security that gives an exponential level of protection in today’s active threat environment.

#6 Increase Cost Efficiency

Move your device assets from the capex side of the ledger to the opex side. Making hardware an operating expense — rather than a capital expense — changes the way it’s financed. Device-as-a-Service reduces the risks and uncertainties commonly associated with device maintenance and operations.

Plus, you get devices customized for your business, turnkey deployment, support, repair or replacement, lifecycle management, disposal and refresh, proactive management, and actionable analytics all for one price per device — so you can maximize your resources and manage costs with precision.

Getting Started

To create an efficient, effective partnership with your Device-as-a-Service provider, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Be detailed about device functionality, so you can be sure you’ll have what you need to equip your teams and move your business forward.
  2. Get a current snapshot of your environment with an invaluable automated assessment to identify gaps and opportunities you might not know you have.
  3. Ask for specifics about speed of repair, so you know what to expect when something breaks.
  4. Invest time in planning the accurate, efficient setup and calibration of devices that work as part of your system.

From acquisition and deployment to refresh and removal — and everything you need in between — Device-as-a-Service boosts efficiency and productivity while keeping your business moving forward. Let NWN show you what Device-as-a-Service can do for your company today.

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