Collaboration: The Cornerstone of an Agile Business

To stay competitive, you need to create new opportunities for your organization.  Many companies have found that they can achieve better performance and results through increased teamwork. Enabling an open flow of information encourages innovation and experimentation.

Collaboration can yield tangible business results, including increased productivity, cost savings, and higher employee satisfaction. People can work together more effectively by sharing information, solving problems, and reaching consensus faster.

The challenge for IT in enabling greater collaboration involves much more than just connecting remote offices.  Today, people work everywhere: from home, on the road, at coffee shops, in their cars.  In addition, your collaboration solution needs to be able to securely connect not just your employees but your customers and partners as well.

At NWN, our goal is to give you the tools you need to do all this and more. With NWNComm, our Cisco Powered Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) cloud offering, you can offer your users the tools they need to get their work done faster.  NWNComm provides a common architecture with core components such as voice, video, mobility, instant messaging, presence, conferencing and customer care.   Users can collaborate on the device of their choice, whether it be a cell phone, tablet, desk phone, video device, or even TelePresence.

By hosting your collaboration tools in the cloud, you free up your IT resources to focus on your business priorities; we take care of the service for you.

However, not all cloud collaboration solutions are equal.  Our NWNComm cloud service is Cisco Powered, meaning, it is built on proven architectures.  It has also passed a rigorous third-party audit so you are assured we can deliver enterprise-class service, reliability, and security as promised.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of today’s agile businesses.  With the right cloud-based tools, you can experience interoperable collaboration, improve productivity, and increase the flexibility and efficiency of your organization.

For more information on Cloud Collaboration solutions, contact an NWN Cloud Expert.

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