NWN is Thankful During the Holiday Season

After joining the NWN family only 3 short months ago as a Project Coordinator I am constantly reminded of the full circle of appreciation with this group that I have joined.  We are each challenged everyday with making the complete customer experience from the moment a new proposal is sent, to the initial project kickoff, the engineers working with our customers on site, to the NCare team that is there to assist after the work is complete.  We each have our own unique ways of keeping each other encouraged to keep the spirit of true appreciation alive and there is no better month to remind us all how we each have our special roles to fulfill this than holiday season.

I am sure that most of our customer base is more than familiar with the technical expert capabilities of each of our engineers, solution architects and  support staff, but what has meant the most to me is that they are each a joy to work with on a personal level.  They are all the ones that make it a joy to come to work, from the cooking skills of Patrick Ford (Principle Consultant) (ok, maybe more of his delegation skills of having his loving wife make some delicious corn muffins for our annual Thanksgiving potluck). Or maybe it was catching Hershel Boyd (Senior Solution Engineer) in the office hallway the day before our potluck joking with him on what he was making; then to have him reach back out not even 30 minutes later to make sure he was adding delicious pound cake bars that were gone in no time to the feast!

There are often very few times that we get to see our engineers in the office because many of them are on site supporting our projects and customers, but it is so important to remember how we support and show appreciation to one another for making things run smoothly that sometimes require going the extra mile to make sure things are done to the highest of standards. We are thankful for these times that we can get together to joke and laugh because it is these times that we are truly reminded of what a great family we have.

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