How Tablet Technology Benefits the Classroom

As part of our ongoing review of ways to facilitate education, we’ve examined how investing in classroom technology is now a necessity for modern schools. Educational institutions need to keep equipment and infrastructure updated, and they also must introduce students to modern productivity tools. Today we continue the conversation with a look at how tablet technology enhances education, and ways to use tablets in the classroom.

Savings and Efficiency in an All-In-One Solution

As an economical resource, tablets make sense for students and teachers alike. Instead of lugging heavy backpacks to school, students can reduce weight by loading e-textbooks and classroom materials to a single device. This also reduces the risk of wearing out and damaging used textbooks.

Teachers can free up time and reduce paper waste by making use of apps not only to administer tests and quizzes, but also to grade papers and exams. This streamlines the education process while saving time and resources.

Along with these efficiency features, tablets also provide new ways to engage students, such as the ability to create and deliver presentations in real time and to correspond with remote and international participants from the classroom. Other features such as educational games and activities can also help teachers develop more creative engagement opportunities for their students.

When schools introduce educational tablets to the classroom, students benefit from a new, participative form of learning. Consider an environment where a teacher can easily find learning resources such as maps or illustrations and instantly have everyone in class interacting and even drawing on them from their own devices. This is the future of interactive learning.

Tablet technology brings a whole new dimension to the classroom learning environment and helps teachers achieve their educational goals while engaging students in creative ways. To highlight these concepts, the following infographic shows how tablets are leading modernization in the classroom.

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