Why Commercial Displays Engage Better in Business Settings

Digital displays are a front-runner in today’s business growth strategy for sales, marketing, user-experience and information delivery. In fact, while other tactics like social media and content development grow noisier, the impact of digital display remains consistently effective. This is due in large part to customer expectations for screens in businesses, software that enables engaging visual content creation, and strong ROI.

At purchasing time, it may seem natural to view all screens as equals. After all, they look and act similar which makes it tempting to think consumer grade displays are a viable alternative to their commercial counterparts.

Before heading down that path, let’s explore why commercial displays are the best solution for business use and consumer displays are a poor substitute.

Image quality: When it comes to displays, nothing loses the audiences’ attention faster than poor image quality. Consumer displays, designed for intermittent viewing, exhibit poor image retention and color fade, when subject to overuse. However, commercial grade screens are built for 24/7/365 usage without interruption or color fade or other image issues.

Life span: Overheating and placement are often overlooked factors in device longevity when considering displays for business use. Consumer displays aren’t built to withstand always-on conditions or outdoor use whereas commercial displays are rigorously tested across scenarios in order to preserve a longer lifespan. For example, Samsung displays are built to be energy efficient with robust cooling systems and enhanced bezels for durability.

Warranty and Insurance: The fine print isn’t fun to read but when you do, you’ll notice that consumer display warranties are typically limited or invalidated when the device has been used for commercial purposes. This is because of image quality, overheating and other issues inherent in overuse. Likewise, when it comes to insurance and replacement, many policies won’t cover consumer devices used for commercial purposes especially when malfunctions are caused by improper mounting hardware or fire. Consider the peace of mind that accompanies robust commercial display manufacturer warranties and the terms of your business insurance policies before purchasing.

Software Support: If you’re interested in maximizing customer engagement through displays you’ll need software solutions that can’t be found on consumer displays. Commercial displays either pair with, or have already integrated solutions. These software packages help users create unique content. And that content can be managed remotely though a computer or mobile device no matter if the displays are used as touchscreens, informational boards, or for streaming video.

Other Considerations: In addition to the important points above, there are other good reasons to choose commercial displays over consumer displays in business applications.

Commercial displays:

  • Accommodate both portrait and landscape orientations whereas consumer displays are typically landscape only
  • Contain built-in security measures to protect controls in public environments while these capabilities are missing on consumer displays
  • Are built to auto adjust to lighting and withstand any weather conditions making them perfect for outdoor use
  • Have thin profiles and reduced bezel widths which make it possible to create virtually seamless video walls

Choosing the right digital display software and hardware combination isn’t as simple as a quick trip to a big box store. It requires thoughtful needs analysis, planning and assurance that the solution serves your budget and your goals. From cooling systems to picture quality to extra input ports to mounting hardware, and warranties, commercial displays have capabilities that make them superior for business use. Add to that the robust software with management capabilities from afar via mobile devices and the benefits of commercial displays in business applications far outweigh their consumer counterparts.

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