Why Not Upgrading Your UC System May Cost You

Don’t Be Caught Short

There’s an old business adage, penny wise and pound foolish, that never seems to go out of date. The reason is simple – it’s as true today as when it was first written. At present, many managers of older unified communications systems are hesitant to invest in new equipment, citing budget as their major concern. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to analyze the cost of remaining static versus the value of moving the company forward.

The Danger of Under Utilizing Resources

Some investments pay dividends soon after purchase; others provide returns that are realized over a much longer time horizon. Investing in unified communication solutions can provide both short term and long term gains to an organization. For instance, a Board level issue at many companies is the under-utilization of IT talent. Precious IT hours are spent diagnosing, patching and fixing older, end-of-life equipment and installations. What if instead, IT were freed from providing short term remedies and were able to focus on long term corporate strategy? Isn’t their time better spent on initiatives that drive the business forward?

Don’t Be a Drag

What’s saved in CapEx by delaying UC upgrades may end up being spent on quick fixes and scatter shot patches. Each day the equipment ages, the technicians and experts familiar with it retire or move on. Those who remain charge a premium for their services, leaving you to pay more for equipment already obsolete, begging the question – isn’t it a drag on the organization to commit additional maintenance dollars to outmoded UC equipment?

Why it’s Important to Be Flexible

communications-ebookFlexibility is key to managing growth in an economical fashion. When the time arrives to add more extensions, it only makes sense to build on top of the existing system if the costs are low and the payoff is high. If it’s not possible to cost-effectively add features like employee mobility and scalability, then it’s time to re-configure your business communication solutions. Absent the ability to work with colleagues anytime, anywhere, a business will be left behind. In order to remain competitive, a platform that supports a full menu of communication choices is no longer a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Managing Business Continuity

Upgraded, up-to-date unified communication solutions are redundant and reliable. In the event of a disaster (like hurricane Matthew) the issue of data back-up advances from something hypothetical to an immediate, critical reality. Sustainability and business continuity suddenly depend on it. If your communications are lacking, it could result in serious consequences.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your UC?

Waiting to upgrade aging business communication solutions can put a strain on your business if any of these threats become a reality. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. It pays to invest in the future, and it can cost a lot to be left behind.

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