Flash Storage Yields Higher Performance & Lower Footprint

Revolutionary Shift in Flash Storage

Organizations are learning to appreciate the efficacy and efficiency that flash storage can bring to their enterprises.This growing understanding is causing nothing less than a revolutionary change in data management.The combination of affordability, enhanced performance and decreased footprint make flash storage an increasingly compelling alternative to traditional hard drives. While it’s true that just a short time ago flash vendors could not compete with spinning disk providers for primary data solutions, the economics of storage are rapidly changing.

Technology Is Changing the Market

Although the price per raw GB of data remains higher, advances in flash technology have improved features, making it possible for SSDs (solid state drives) to compete effectively against HDDs (hard disk drives). What’s more, vendors are offering drive sizes equal to or greater than traditional performance drives, greatly expanding their overall capabilities. Add the fact that manufacturers are pairing new enhancements such as deduplication, compression, and data reduction, and flash is quickly becoming an unmatched storage solution.

As companies struggle to manage performance-hungry applications, flash offers the IOPS (hundreds of thousands of IOs per second) and the sub-millisecond latency needed to run not only real-time applications but also to provide what’s required for primary storage.

Reduce Your Footprint

Not only does flash storage increase performance, it can also reduce physical space requirements and lower power consumption. For instance, in some cases users have been able to replace 4 racks of traditional storage space with one rack of flash array. In addition, employing the latest SSDs dramatically reduces the cost of cooling – a genuine “win-win” by any definition.

The Time is Now

No matter how you define it, flash is no longer just an esoteric choice for specialty applications. High performance and increased affordability make it suitable for any environment. A reduced footprint is good for your bottom line. If you’ve ever considered implementing flash for your primary storage needs, now is a great time to move forward.

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