Saved By a Surface

Ok, I shouldn’t have opened that email. I certainly shouldn’t have clicked on the attachment. I knew immediately that I was in trouble. My company’s McAfee virus system leaped into the breach and started trying to delete the viral leavings as it worked its way through my C drive. The list of deletions scrolled by faster than I could read it.

Now, we have one of the best help desks on the planet. Before I even called for help, they knew my machine was in trouble. They graciously stepped in and began cleaning up the mess. To make a long story short, the help desk had to wipe my computer clean and completely reimage it to correct the problem.

Here’s where the story really starts. My computer goes to the help desk “hospital” for days to take the cure.

Now what? How do I work?

Of course I have my smartphone with my contacts, email and calendar. That’s something. It’s just not a laptop. I don’t know about you, but I can’t develop a spreadsheet or write a business proposal on my phone. Worse, it doesn’t have my data. I feel catatonic. I can’t move. I can’t see. I’ve lost my mind.

In desperation, I go to a little-used cabinet in my office and pull out a Microsoft Surface I tucked away two years ago. I dust it off and plug it in. After a few moments of terror, I find my password, and light it up.

I sign into my email—Office 365—and everything is there, just as it should be. I log into my cloud backup system and find all my data. Within a half hour, I’m back at work with all my critical management tools at the ready. Whew.

I’m taking a lesson from all this. I’m never going to be utterly dependent on my laptop again. I will have two cloud backups; two ways to get at my passwords; and now two machines that work the way I work.  My Surface saved my bacon and earned a permanent place in my briefcase.

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