7 Powerful Reasons to Buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 3

When in 2014 Microsoft released Surface Pro 3, they made one thing very clear- This tablet was meant to replace your laptop, and that it did. It’s a single device solution to all your technological needs. For people who tend to carry the weight of both iPad Air and a MacBook wherever you go, this tablet gives you the best of both worlds. Along with being very light and travel friendly, the kickstand has also been upgraded. Now you can actually tilt the angle of the screen to up to 160 degrees. That combined with the keyboard case, Microsoft has done an excellent job at creating a high performance hybrid of a laptop and tablet.

Here are 7 other features that make Microsoft Surface the 2-in-1 available on the market right now:

  1. Revolutionary Capacitive Pen Makes Drawing and Writing a Breeze Surface Pro 3 was primarily designed for educational and professional users– two demographics that heavily rely on taking notes, writing down ideas, and thoughts for various purposes. It’s not just the sleek and compact design of the device itself that makes it a joy to write on, but the Surface Family is also touted for its pen. You can always use the keyboard to type in your notes, but for those who want to “pen” down their musings, take chemistry notes, or draw a molecular structure, the Surface Pen is perfect for that effortless writingSide note: The Stylus Pen for Surface Pro 2 works on both of those devices, while the Surface Pen works only with Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3.The Surface Pen is ideal for both writing and drawing is that they were not designed as a stylus, but a ball point pen. It is ergonomic, fits perfectly in the hand, and makes for a fine experience during those instant note taking or sketching moments.The business side of the pen (the nib) is pressure sensitive which is excellent for detailed artwork. The harder you press on the pen, the thicker and darker it makes the line. It also has an eraser button that you can click and use like you would with a pencil. With the click of the top button, you can open up the OneNote app for digital note-taking, and write notes in your own handwriting.Palm blocking technology, which allows you to rest your palm on the screen while writing or drawing without it interfering with intentional inputs is standard on both the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3. When paired with the Surface Pen that is designed to reduce the latency that has plagued the stylus world, you set up for a truly innovative experience.
  2. Allows You to Experience the True Definition of Technological Mobility This device is for travelers, artists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners, freelancers, students—people who are always on the go. Simply put, it allows you to be mobile without having to carry your laptop, tablet, chargers, and all the other devices we tend to carry with us just to be on the safe side. When half of the society suffers from technology overload, Surface Pro 3 helps to combat that problem.It helps you to stay light, but at the same time productive. With just one single device, you can do everything you would do on both your laptop and your tablet. With Surface Pro 3, you can actually become a technology minimalist without compromising on functionality.You can use it docked to your desk, or take advantage of its portability by using it as your tablet.  At  798 g, Surface Pro 3 is actually 33% thinner  and 12% lighterthan the previous two models, even though the face, at 201 mm, is much larger than the previous models.The screen readability of Surface Pro 3 is matchless, especially when compared to other tablets. Thanks to Microsoft ClearType that makes the fonts look crisp and sharp.
  3. Long Battery Life Allows You To Keep Working Without Wasting Time Looking For Outlets For most users, majority of their device activity revolves around writing, watching videos, listening to music, and surfing the web. Even though it’s so light and compact, with Surface Pro 3 boasts up to 9 hours of battery life, but this will vary depending on specific user activity.  Some might watch videos back to back, while others might use it primarily for reading, note taking, or sketching. Around 9 hours might be “full day” for many users. Unless you are sitting on your desk and using the device all day, chances are you won’t need to recharge till you get home in the evening.Also, note that it doesn’t take long to charge. So even if the battery drains completely on you, and you need the device back on in 15 to 30 minutes, you will find that it is enough time for the battery to charge to a good amount to get you through your immediate tasks. Then when you find more time, or find another outlet, you can charge it fully.
  4. Made for Multitasking
    We live in a culture where time is of essence. We are multitaskers, and with its Snap feature, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 does a great job at serving our multitasking needs. If you want to check your social media, while watching Netflix, and working on your presentation, you can do that with this tool. It allows you to run 3 apps side by side at the same time. Although you can add a 4th one, the font will become smaller, making it crowded, and hard for you to read. You can increase or decreases the size of each app, by just sliding the edge of that specific window.This is great for dragging information from one window to the next, comparing documents, or even researching and writing at the same time. This is a quick but highly effective tool that will help you save time and increase your productivity massively.
  5. Helps You Become A Productivity Ninja 
    For many, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 have slowly replaced their need for a PC or laptop. This is because it competently runs every type of program and app that has become synonymous with productivity, the major one includes Microsoft office.When you purchase a Surface 3, you are already subscribed to Office 365, while with Surface Pro 3 you might have to purchase a new one subscription, unless a bundle is already available. Other than Microsoft office, and OneNote, there is a huge variety of productivity tools available in the in the Microsoft Store for you to take advantage of.Now, if you are someone who spends a lot of time on your tablet, you don’t have to worry about your eyes getting strained. With the 12” ClearType HD display, on Surface Pro 3, you get a high performance display which is critical for professionals that rely on that kind of accuracy.Also, regardless of the lighting of your environmental setting, you can be rest assured that the display with always be clear. This is because Microsoft uses a process called optical bonding to join the different components that makes up the screen itself. This prevents any kind of gaps from being present between each components. This lowers latency, parallex issues, makes the screen itself strong, and most importantly, it reduces glare and reflectivity.
  6.  Inspires An Ease in Management While Keeping Sensitive Data Secure
    If you are an enterprise, here is the good news.  With SCCM and Microsoft Intune, you can allow your employees to work on any application through their device and still be able to manage them. By combining SCCM with Microsoft Intune, you can give them access to applications, data, and other resources that are generally reserved for corporate, while still keeping the information secure. So if some of your employees are on the road, they would still be able to access the business app whenever they need. But your business data always stays protected. It pretty much integrates the on-premise server with cloud based devices.Plus, regardless of if you are an enterprise or not, every single user wants to protect their device from getting infected, or their data stolen. After all, for many, the device stores a lot of private and sensitive information. The tablet does provide safety solutions in the form of BitLocker, Trusted Boot and Windows Defender; all of them working together to prevent your device from being susceptible to any Malware, data modification, or phishing attacks. This is very helpful when you are operating your device from busy and not reliable places like an airport, or a hotel.
  7. Runs Sophisticated Programs With Ease Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is known for being able to run very demanding and sophisticated software like AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator, along with virtually every program that you would normally use in the office. So you can be rest assured that switching your computer with this tablet will not impede your workflow. Any program compatible with Windows 8 will work on the tablet.
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