Lonely Candidate Seeking Feedback

Feeling lonely and forgotten thanks to your recruiting contact?  Wondering what you may / may not have done to be ignored?  Experiencing “radio silence” after what you felt was a great conversation?

We promise that it’s not personal… we are, indeed, busy and at the mercy of Hiring Managers, changing job descriptions, organizational changes, changing priorities, even vacations.  Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day to get to everyone that we wish to.  Don’t give up!  A quick,  polite (maybe even humorous) email reminder is always acceptable.  I can attest that, in some cases, a well-timed reminder email for a great candidate has resulted in a submittal-interview-hire quickly that may not have occurred earlier in the process … all because of timing.  As many know, but often forget, we may be 1 of 10 or so contacts for your job search while you (as the candidate) could be 1 in 100’s of resumes for 10+ open jobs we are simultaneously working.  Many of us love this job because of the “people aspect” but, unfortunately, we aren’t able to give every candidate the care and attention they deserve, even though we’d like to do so, because of the sheer volume of responsibilities.  But please remember, we sincerely want to fill our open opportunities and we genuinely want to help candidates find their ideal job opportunity (it’s true!) but sometimes things get in the way so send that email reminder, keep us on a list of “to contact” in regards to your job search and remind us of how great a fit you are for our organization!

As the writer (Richard Moy) of this article mentions, many job seekers agonize over every single detail of their resume, their interview, their thank you note and are desperate to figure out WHY they’ve not heard back.  Click here to see the 3 main reasons he feels you may not be hearing back within the time frame you had hoped…

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