Now You Can Shop NWN Online with NStore

NWN is excited to announce the launch of NStore!

NStore is a customized online commerce platform for NWN customers that provides 24 X 7 product information, improves internal purchasing processes, and maintains historical purchasing records.

You now have three ways to interact with NWN: face-to-face with your account executive, on the phone with your Telesales Inside Account Executive and on the web with NStore.

Where is the NStore?

You’ll find NStore in the global navigation of the NWN web site.

How can I learn more?

NWN will have a customer webinar Thursday, Oct. 23 from 2:00 to 2:30. Stay tuned to our blog and our NWN Events web page for details.

You could also request information from the NStore website or call your Account Executive or Telesales Inside Account Executive to ask for a demo.

Can you explain the NStore in a few sentences?

We customize an 800,000 SKU parts catalog with the manufacturers and products you regularly purchase. We can present you with your standard configurations, your pricing, and your payment preference (PO or Credit Card). You can have us build quotes or you can build shopping carts, then place online orders. Plus, you have a dashboard to monitor all transactions.

How do I get an account?

Any NWN Account Executive or Inside Account Executive can help you. You can also submit a web request for more information.

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